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The End: Part 9

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I ran just behind Joshua, who was ahead of everybody else. Desiree kept pace easily, staying ten feet behind me. We stayed quiet, and thought to each other instead of speaking. Not all Angels read minds, just Avenging Angels, who were very rare.

Multiple footsteps were ahead of us, about to come into view. There was no turning and running now. At least ten Angels stepped up, pale blond hair whipping behind them. Just one had a brown hair with light highlights, and she was beautiful. We were outnumbered; we were going to die. One of them smiled, perfect white teeth reflecting a rainbow, and she darted dead at Joshua first.

This was a sign. The other Angels ran forth, all female, and I realized I had to choose . . . Josh or the others. I darted ahead and stared at them, snarling and baring my teeth in a deathly warning. The leader stopped and smiled. "We mean you no harm," she said softly, her voice sounded like a wind chime. "I don't trust you," I countered. She looked at me with wide eyes, completely innocent, and green. "Trust me, Reaper. We'll let you pass, since you don't seem to be a threat to humanity. But the child," she nodded at Nailani, "Looks like one of us."

Desiree snarled. "What are you implying?" I hissed. "That you give her to us. Her aura is so pure, so refreshing! She could only be a Soul Carrier," one of the women in the back said. "Never," Desiree answered simply. "And why not?" the leader questioned.

"Because that's the opposite of what we are," Desiree countered, "She would give souls, while we take them. Crave them." The Angel didn't look pleased. "It's her or your lives. I won't let any Soul Carrier candidates escape me." I growled angrily. "Nobody can have this young one," I shrieked. My voice ripped up quite a few decimals, and the Angel backed up.

"Look at the Soul Carrier I have trained here! Come forth, Audry!" A stunningly beautiful woman in the back, the one with the brown hair, walked forward, looking as if she was floating. She smiled, and her smile hurt my ego greatly. "Audry, show them your true form." "Yes, Lucille," Audry whispered.

Audry's true form killed off my ego entirely. A blue light surrounded her, and she held in her hands a ball . . . Crystal. Her brown eyes were deep and warm, and she had a happy aura around her. She floated lightly, and stared at Nailani. "Yes . . . This child is the first of our kind in a long time," she whispered. "I found Audry dying on a crime scene. I was walking up the street and I smelled death, I had to investigate. I climbed up the back of her house and stared through the window. It was too late for her when the police were breaking down a door, so I just put her out of her misery. She was killed by a boyfriend of hers, and I saw her beauty, tasted her soul, weakened by death, but still going strong. I claimed her life, brought her soul here, and made it solid. Your child, we won't do that, she's in full health," Lucille said softly, extending her arms.

"Give her to us," Audry whispered, staring at Desiree. I heard her footsteps behind me, and I stared at her vacant expression. She was hypnotized by . . . That ball! Suddenly, Audry stopped, and was normal looking again.

"I can't take the child from her mother. I had three daughters before that man . . ." Audry's voice trailed off. She dropped the ball and it shattered into a million tiny pieces. Lucille's eyes turned fiery and angry. "Josh . . . Go grab Desiree and teleport three miles ahead, now!" I thought. He nodded, and grabbed a hold of Desiree and Nailani. A single tear slid down his cheek. "Goodbye, Alice. Fight hard . . . We love you," Josh thought. "I love you both . . . Go! Now! We're fighting for you three," I thought. I felt him leave . . . And then, I ran through the group of Angels. Audry moved to the side and held a shard of her ball, trying to control the others so we could run.

Author's Note: Okay, so, I used the name Audry in this to put emphasis on something. If you read my article "Until the End", you'll notice the name is the same. It's to emphasize that Audry, the woman I wrote about, is an angel now, but in Heaven. Just to clear up any confusion that may of come about from that, and also, she's not my grandmother. ;)


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