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The Coming: Part 8

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Joy didn't quite know what happened after they both ran, side by side, away from the chimera. They didn't know what to do or where to go, and for all they knew they had no one to help them. And then there were all of those questions bothering Joy. Was Selvester a traitor? How far would they have to go to escape? How could they escape?

From all of the commotion, the creatures behind them were probably now alert. However, at a time like that, it wasn't possible for her to think. Screeching, roaring, and howling began. Thuds of hundreds of paws were vibrating through the earth, and Joy could just hear the flapping of the predator birds; their wings slicing the air.

After running for probably about a mile, Joy was out of breath. After two miles, her legs got sore. After three miles, she just couldn't do it anymore! She and Jeremy were slowing down, but the fierce animals behind them weren't just about to quit. Their stinky breath curled around Joy's ankles and crawled up her body. The touch of the warm air was unnerving.

The animals were gaining on them. One nasty looking wolf eyed Joy with his glowing yellow eyes, and hurtled at her. Joy could just sidestep enough that he didn't run over her. Rather than the wolf's plan coming through, he hurt himself instead, crashing into a thorn bush.

Just as Joy thought they were done for, something hit her and Jeremy. They fell into a patch of moss. Joy got to open her eyes quickly enough to see a horde of angry animals continue running. "How dumb are they, really?" Joy wondered. She blinked and looked up to see a mysterious shape padding towards them. Something familiar was about this creature, but she just couldn't make out who it was. The sun was directly behind the shape, casting a shadow on its face. Though there was some sort of beauty hidden inside of the secrecy. Rays of light poured and reflected off of its shimmering pelt. Joy felt an immense feeling of wonder and love for the gorgeous sight. For once, she noticed all of the light and plants and water and earth. It was glorious. "How can such evil monsters live here . . .? They don't deserve it." Joy thought solemnly.

"Remember me?" a voice barked. Joy thought she was dreaming, now. Was it really him?

"Selvester!" Jeremy glared at the shadow, who wasn't really much of a shadow anymore. The white fox had tilted so they could see his face.

Selvester staggered, a look of disappointment clouding his face.

"Of course we remember you!" Joy almost giggled, but the thing that prevented her from doing so was the look of anger and hatred on Jeremy's face. She tugged at his arm, but he shook it away of her.

"How could you betray us?!" Jeremy shouted.

"I . . . I didn't . . . I didn't mean to--" Selvester stuttered.

"You didn't mean to what?" Jeremy interrupted.

"I just don't know anymore, Jeremy." Selvester shook his head. "It's too hard to explain. I've been trying to set up forces against the monster . . ."

"What monster?" Joy asked.

"The chimera." Jeremy spoke before Selvester could say a thing.

"Well, I suppose. The one with the snake tail and . . ." Selvester shivered.

"Yes," Joy smiled, "Now go on."

"The 'chimera', as you call it; this one used to rule this land before the humans, Wojas, Cajas, and Fojas conquered him and all of his animals. The way he treated some, however, wasn't too great. You see, across the river lives a whole family of Cajas. Beyond the family of Cajas is a city of humans without too much of a population, and among the city is maybe a few Wojas and Fojas."

"What's a Woja, what's a Caja, and what's a Foja?" Joy asked curiously.

"They are all different species -" Selvester began.

"Nevermind what species they are. What's your point?" Jeremy said.


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