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In Memory of Danni

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Why do the good always die young? Of course, this question isn't totally accurate, as many good people live a good long and healthy life, and if all of the good people in the world died before their prime, Earth would be an odious place to live in, and I'm not quite sure that I would want to be alive if every person was evil . . .

But alas, this question is just a segue to a topic that is more significant to me, the death of my friend Danielle, or armada. Danni died exactly three years ago yesterday, on the morning of August 15th, 2006, in her sleep, at the age of 14. She had suffered from ovarian cancer since May or June 2005, and in the time between when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and when she died, she was sick a lot and had to have several surgeries.

Even though Danni had cancer, she was still one of the most outgoing people on Whyville, and probably the wisest one that I knew. She had a great and and interesting personality. She loved to debate and listen to music like Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd. And of course, she liked to write poetry. She was an amazing poet. To be honest, when I was 11 or 12, I wouldn't read any of the Creative Writing section except her poems, because I really liked them.

Here is a poem that she wrote called "why", which touches on her cancer. You can find other poems by her by using the Times Advanced Search Feature, by putting armada in the "Articles Written By" bar.

i'm here
in the hospital
you know i am
so then why
do you act like you don't?
you drove here
you got directions
turn left at the light
you saw the ambulances
came in through the doors
you rode in the elevator
came up to floor 2
room 308
so then why
do you act like you didn't?
you hover near the door
not knowing what to do, say.
talking about the weather
trivial current events
anything except "it".
just say it, Dad.
you know i have it
you know that's why i'm here
so then why
do you act like you don't?"
by armada, Published June 19, 2005

Also, here are some other articles that were written about Danielle and her untimely death:

Armada's "Whyvillian in the Spotlight" by ps2man1
"Old Times, New Lives" by 1260
"So Long and Thanks For All the Fish" by cobd
"In Remembrance of Armada" by ps2man1
"We'll All Remember" by ps2man1
"An Armada of Memories" by DarkFireV

I, and many others, truly miss Danielle. May she rest and peace. I really would recommend for you to look at the articles and poems that she wrote, because they're all interesting and well-written.

As Danni would say . . .
So long, and thanks for all the fish. This has been Ps2man1.


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