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A Different Life: Part Twelve

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James. The guy in my vision. He looked exactly like Charlie in every way possible, but, of course a younger version. He stared at me in a pleasing way; either he liked what he saw, or wanted to scare me, I didn't know which. Summer was ahead of me with Carrie and Natasha behind her. Jasmine, who was behind me stopped and asked, "Why did you stop?"

I didn't say a word, I just pointed at James. Jasmine stared at me in a surprised look, then followed my finger to see where, or who I was pointing at. She smiled, "You think he's hot?"

I looked at her if she where bleeding all over her face-panicked, and crazy. "No," I said, blinking back the tears that have formed, "It's him."

"Him, him? Like the vision him?"

I nodded.

Jasmine is the only one of my friends who know everything about me, except my used-to-be-powers. I didn't tell her them, like I did with Jaycie. She asked me why I didn't look like the rest of my family, so I told Jasmine everything, about Charlie, James, Ms. Willow and Skye.

"Let's hurry to Papa John's and met Sum, Car, and Nat there before her sees you," she whispered pushing me.

"It's too late, he already has," I whispered to myself, "I'm done for."


"Hey Chris," Summer said when Jasmine and I walked into Papa John's.

"Hello Summer, Carrie, Natasha and," Chris looked over Summer, Carrie and Natasha to see who walked in, "Jasmine and Sadie."

"Where did you guys run off to?" Carrie asked, well more like demanded of us.

"Um . . . well," I was out of the habit of lying, because having the rest of my life - sigh - without my powers I have nothing to hide, except my past powers. I looked at Jasmine for help.

"I saw a hottie walking so I grabbed Sad and asked her to spy with me," she filled in for me.

I gave her a grateful glace.

"Whatever, let's just eat," said Summer. She told Chris our order - ham, pepperoni, and cheese pizza with cheese stuffed crest. We sat down on a red booth. I started playing with a napkin. I was facing the window, so I toke occasional glances, look to see if he had found me.

Chris put the pizza on the table and said, "Dig in." And left.

I had one slice of pizza, Summer, Carrie, Natasha, and Jasmine ate the rest of the twenty pieces.

We walked home in silence. Either everyone besides me, were stuffed or we were tried. This was my first time sneaking out, I thought. Mom and Dad are going to be so mad. I might even see the light of day tomorrow if they ever find out. Wait if. If. So if, they find out.

When we got to the house, I thanked Summer for the idea, then I sat on the coach and crashed.

I mean, as in fell asleep.

Author's Note: Once, again bad week, and next week I'm not really sure if there will be one. My family and I are going on one last vacation before school starts, so I don't know if I'll have time to write.


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