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Be My Valentine

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Dear Tristan,

I like you. I've always liked you.

You have such a great smile. A nice smile is the first thing that attracts me.

The second thing that attracts me is humor and you're hilarious.

People say that girls are attracted to bad boys. I'd have to say I agree with that. I love your cocky attitude and your seemingly rude sense of humor.

I love the way you tease me. I love how nicknamed me "The Mess." Though I was offended at first, I now find it very funny. I remember when we were forced to do a science project about tornadoes and I had the brilliant idea of putting on a play. I took on the part of the tornado. The only problem was that while I was twirling around, I tripped over your foot and fell flat on my face! When I look back now, it's a fond memory and it always makes me smile.

I become jealous when I see you with other girls. You've dated two of my friends already and broken their hearts. They tell me how sweet you are and how you dumped them so unexpectedly. Secretly, I was glad when those relationships were over. They did not deserve you. I deserve you. I could see from the very beginning that you and Yana were not a good match. Yana is too flirtatious, loud and obnoxious. Your relationship with Cara was doomed right from the start. Cara is too shy and too possessive. You need someone who appreciates you and does not flirt with others. You need someone with an outgoing personality and an interest in sports. You need me.

But I don't think you could ever see yourself with me. See, people love me and they often dislike you because of your attitude. They sometimes mistake you for being rude and objective when really, you're just teasing. I know that inside your heart, you have a nice personality and you don't show it often. In the rare chance that you do, you're very sweet. Also, I am not pretty. Yana and Cara are beautiful girls but compared to them, I am no match. My hair is too frizzy and my face is too wide. My teeth are crooked and I am too skinny. I am too ugly for you. But you, you are the opposite of me. I love when you spike your hair and grin. You look your best when you have that smug little grin on your face. I have that smile infused in my brain.

I thought about you all summer long. Whenever I did something, I always stopped to think "What is Tristan doing right now?" I always wanted you to be there with me. I even made up scenarios in my head of situations that might occur between us so I'd be prepared and know exactly what to say. I've also dreamt about you. I've dreamt about applying to the same university as you and going to school with you every morning. I've dreamt about getting married and having kids. I've dreamt about our 50 year high school reunion and seeing you with another woman -- that dream was a nightmare.

We're juniors right now; we'll be seniors next year. University is lingering in our futures but I can't imagine being without you. Whenever I'm not with you, I miss you more than you'll ever know. I like spending time with you. I don't care if it's for two minutes when you stop to talk to me in the hallway. I don't care if it's for 30 seconds when you wave and say "Here comes The MESS." All I care about is being with you because words cannot describe the way you make me feel. It's like getting a good grade, the best grade or a really nice compliment. It's like winning a game and knowing that the team won because of you. It's like being in love.

I used to ignore you when we first met. I knew who you were but you weren't a significant person to me. Now you're one of my best friends. We have so much in common, a relationship seems so perfect to me. We're both Italian. We both want to be lawyers. But you're upfront and I'm not. I'm too shy to admit something to you that I've been hiding for so long.

I'm finally saying it now: I like you. I've always liked you. Will you be my valentine?

Lucy aka "The Mess"


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