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The End: Part 10

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Alice was going to leave me . . . forever. I ran with Desiree as I heard the snarls and ripping . . . Our family was dying, and all we could do was save Nailani. I ran, tears streaming down my cheeks, with Desiree just in front of me. Desiree sniffled, and I saw ocean ahead of us. "Swim or fly?" Desiree asked through her tears. "Fly," I whispered . . . "Josh! I love you!" Alice thought. "My Alice . . . You're everything . . . I love you, too," I thought back as Desiree somersaulted and flew, Nailani now in her arms. "Josh, Desiree, go, faster, they're going after--" Alice's thoughts were interrupted, and I moaned in agony. Not her. Not her. Not her. Not her!

My heart took off, thundering in my chest, and Desiree and I flew higher. I just cried as we flew, knowing I would never embrace Alice again, or look into those perfect brown eyes and see the affection she had for me. I just let my heart push and crush my ribs . . . Alice's charm heated up against my neck, turning a bright red. I held it in my hand, staring at it in wonder. And then it . . . broke.

"Alice!" I shouted in agony. It meant she was dead . . . the charm was broken in my hand, Alice was gone . . . never again would I hold her in my arms . . . just to hear her voice would make me so ecstatic right now. "Desiree, start hauling, the Angels are swimming after you," I heard Aimee think . . . exhausted. "Where is Alice? Is she alive?" I thought. "What about Marcus?" Desiree thought. "Dad . . . I'm so sorry. Audry tried . . . she fought with Mom. And Audry couldn't do anything. Mom was . . . she was stunned. And Audry protected her as long as she could before the other Angels fought for Mom. She felt no pain, Audry made sure of that much," Joshua thought. I just couldn't remember how to breathe, fly, think . . . I felt myself spiraling towards the ocean. I hit the water, hard, and sunk.

All of the air in my lungs whooshed out, and I watched it float up in a big bubble, as it drifted from me, and I drifted from it. I sunk, deeper and deeper, the sunlight disappearing slowly, and then . . . I closed my eyes and saw her, smiling, and waiting for me, arms open. "Alice," I whispered. I grabbed her hand, stared into her beautiful face, and I relived our wedding. I kissed her . . . and darkness swept over me. I didn't care . . . I was with Alice. I just saw her, the darkness surrounding us was no object. Every scene of my life flashed before me, and Alice's eyes were the screen, and I couldn't tear my gaze from them.

I didn't care that death found me. I didn't care that I had torn myself out of my family . . . I had Alice.


Author's Note: Readers! This isn't the last part!! So don't shoot me through the BBS, I promise it'll be worth reading the next one, which is the last part. Thanks again . . . it's been months, you're such devoted readers ;).


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