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First Senate Meeting

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As many of you know, the first senate meeting of this term was held Monday, August 17, 2009 in the Greek Theater. I am proud to announce that this event was a great success! Unfortunately, Steve6 could not make it, but have no fear for there were two other senators covering for him!

We started off with Rain15133 (Amber), and she mentioned an awesome idea! She wants to have an add cart system in the satchel. You know, just like the one in Akbar's Face Mall, but instead of sending one face part to someone at a time, you can send them a mass gift of several parts! Amazing, right? It would be so much more convenient!

After that, a lot of people seemed to agree! Good job Amber! That is a fantastic idea!

She also suggested many more amazing ideas that everyone seemed to find significantly clever. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to y-mail her about her idea. She is very nice and will be more than happy to reply.

When it was Ducky464's (my) turn, I said that we need to ease up Akbar's work load. We don't give that man enough credit! Did you know he is absolutely SWAMPED with work? Yeah, well that's one of the reasons why it takes so long for new face parts to be accepted and put into the new arrivals. Why so long of a wait? Because people aren't categorizing their face parts before they make them! But hey, don't hold it against anyone. We are all indecisive sometimes, and we change our mind after we click a panel to design in. Then Akbar has to categorize everything AGAIN. A lot of work! If we put that option at the end of the designing journey, it would make everything MUCH more convenient. Remember . . . hundreds of face parts are being made each and every day!

I also suggested one-month WhyPasses being sold for one hour every Friday.

We will see how Rain15133 and my ideas work out! Maybe the City Workers will like them, or maybe they won't! All we can do is hope for the best.

Here are some other random suggestions that we, and other citizens gave:

- More quill colors
- More scion games
- Everyone starts out with a salary of 5 clams when they join
- Lopan plushies (LOL)
- City Records layouts (they would be FREE, but you can always buy special ones with pearls!)
- Auction page
- Designing animated face parts
- Being able to design clothes for your WhyPets!
- Whyville camera to save your special whyville moments in your satchel, and to y-mail to others! (beats the old screen shots, right?)
- A more secure system of using your bank code when you go to send people parts, and to send out clam grams. That way if someone were to hack you, they could only really look around your account if they didn't have your bank code! Also filters would treat your bank code just as your password, and forbid you to say it.
- Buying clams again
- Cheaper WhyPets
- And many MANY more!

We also did a series of polls, so please state your opinions on these in the BBS!

*If Whyville started a magazine again, would you subscribe to it?

I believe in that poll, 13 voted yes, and two voted no. So would you?!

It could consist of yellow pages - pay a dollar or two to advertise your store, advertise for your senate campaign, advice columns, funny Whyville moments . . . you get the point!

*Would you buy Whyville merchandise, such as hats, shirts, and keychains?

Again, the majority of the Greek Theater said yes!

We got a lot accomplished, and hope to see you all at the next one! We even answered individual questions, and joked around.

Rain15133 (this is along the lines of what she said), "If I disappear it's because it's raining and I might lose Internet signal"

Rain makes it rain, so she may get rained out.

Lopan responded to that by dancing, and everyone jumped on the dance wagon, flaunting their awesome dances.

Then everyone joked how he or she would buy City Worker plushies. Especially a Lopan plushie! After a while I don't think too many people were joking . . . Lopan followed that up with a poll:

Would you buy a City Worker plushie even if it were kind of expensive?

Once again, the majority said yes! Would you?!

After everyone left, I hung around and played some games with the fellow Whyvillians who stayed to chat. It was a lot of fun, and we played the A to Z game (the game where you pick a category (such as fruit), and go through the alphabet naming fruits that start with each letter). Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with it.

Unfortunately, I was too preoccupied to get a few screen shots, but that's okay.

This meeting was great for updating everyone, and forming new bonds! I hope the next one is just as great, or even better! Hope to see you there! :)



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