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Hey everyone! Steve6 here, one of your three summertime senators! So as many of you know, I have two main responsibilities that I share with rain15133 and ducky464 as a senator. These two duties are to patrol the petitions and delete any inappropriate or offensive posts, as well as attend senate meetings to present new and exciting ideas to the City Workers on ways to improve and expand Whyville.

Our very first senate meeting was scheduled for Monday, August 17 at 4:00 in the Greek Theater, and boy, was I ever excited!! I couldn't wait to finally get my voice heard, and to speak on behalf of my fellow Whyvillians! I marked this day on my calendar and it finally came! It was finally the long awaited day I was so eager about. I woke up and tried to log onto Whyville and UH OH!! I was experiencing major technical difficulties! I had lost Internet connection, so I could not log onto Whyville. I tried rerouting my computer several times, and then decided to call my Internet Service Provider to see what was going on. I was informed that they were having a slight dilemma and half of the city lost all Internet connection. So I missed the highly anticipated meeting and I feel terrible about it.

To make up for my absence at the meeting, I decided to write an article to connect with all my supporters and present my ideas as I would have done at the meeting . . . and to prove that I am a very dedicated senator. Here are a few of my ideas, hope you like them:

1. We should be able to summon whipcars instead of having them pop up constantly. This way, citizens will be able to summon them when they actually want to drive them and they will not be so annoying.

2. This is kind of a new idea of mine, and I'm not sure how exactly it would work yet. I think it would be cool if we could enable some sort of shop where we can set a price, and then sell our old items that we are not using anymore. I understand this is similar to the trading post, however having a shop means that the seller wouldn't have to be online in order to make a sale.

3. It would be great to have some sort of WhyCourt. This would not deal with tapings or loss of mail privileges, but banishments. A lot of people who get banished usually feel like they were treated unfairly, and want an explanation for their punishment.

Those are a few of my ideas; the rest will be presented at the next meeting. Now I would like to mention some ideas that people I have met in chat have suggested to me! Here are a few unique ideas from some of my friends:

1. The ability to attain salary clams without having to login.
2. Using pearls in order to purchase access into to Whyville cove.
3. Having a jungle world, much like the underwater world known as the Reef.
4. A larger text box to type y-mails into and a way to save special y-mails.

Thanks to everybody who gave his or her ideas and input and please let me know what you think! Feel free to mail me, I promise I will reply! Have a great rest of the summer and rock on Whyvillians!


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