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Black Tears: Part 2

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Hannah's P.O.V.

I glanced over at the clock furiously. 8:02 PM. He was late. I needed to get out of that place. I just hated that house. I hated the feeling I would get every time I walked through the foyer. I hated the feeling I always got in the pit of my stomach from just trying to relax in a house so much happened in.

I just wanted everything to be perfect for once in my life. I just needed the assurance that perfection exists out in the world.

I heard a light tap on my window, and peeked up quickly to see Kyle. He looked at me as if I was being terrible not letting him in right away. I looked back over at the clock. 8:07. I scrambled to my Ipod, which was in its speakers. I turned it up to the highest volume blocking out all the noise I was going to make leaving. I didn't need my parents to bug me about my first date . . . which wasn't a real date, just a friendship date. Maybe it is more. I never really wanted to think about love. Especially after last weekend.

I slid open the window and let Kyle in. "Hey stranger," I said smiling from ear to ear.

"Long time no see. What has it been fifty years?" He giggled. His voice was corny, but I guess sometimes things like that don't really matter, as long you're having fun.

"Must have been, I barely remember this freckle." I said pointing to a freckle on his face. I was trying to sound like an idiot. I guess I succeeded, because a burst of laughter sprang from the room.

"Um, we better go before it gets too late," I said as I glanced over at the clock once again. 8:10.

"Just promise me something," He pleaded with a cute puppy dog face. I couldn't resist. It was adorable.


"You promise to try and find something between us. I don't care how long it takes, or if you don't trust your heart, just try. I promise to never hurt you. I don't think I could."

I let the conversation die for a few minutes. What was I supposed to say? I can't be in love when I'm so young. I'm still growing up and my mind changes quicker than I can make the next decision. How can I promise to work at a relationship, with what has happened?

"Hannah, you can't bottle yourself up from the reality of things. Everything happens for a reason, whether you like the reason or not. It just happens. You can't protect yourself from the philosophy of life forever. You need to go out and enjoy life before there's a reason made for you to kick the bucket." Kyle announced. I loved his random spurts of philosophy; they were refreshing.

"I think I owe you a try. No promises beyond a try." I whispered by his ear so only he could hear, even though the music was still loud. I walked toward my desk and wrote a note in case my parents came into my room.

"Out enjoying myself more than I ever could here?"

"For my parents. You know . . . if they wonder where I am." I ripped it out of my notebook and placed it on my bed. I smiled up at Kyle.

"Off to see the Wizard the wonderful Wizard of Pool Parties!" exclaimed Kyle as he pulled my hand over to the window, and climbed off. We were out of my bedroom and on the roof when I looked at Kyle, "Kyle, how do we get down? I never have done this before."

"Just put your leg here, your arm here, your other arm here, and your right leg here. Wah-lah. Just climb down, remember to look for footing." He moved my legs for me, trying very hard to help me down. I liked when Kyle was soft. I liked it a lot.

We ran very fast down the street laughing and just forgetting everything about our lives for just a few moments. We joked, never letting our smiles slip. We lost our energy, and had to stop to find our breaths, that we must have lost hundreds of feet back.

"This is it." He pointed up at a mansion looking house. It was huge . . . okay there isn't even a word in the English Language to describe the house's size.

We walk around back to where the party was truly going on. People were in the water, splashing each other. Others were eating pizza by the tiki torches. Everyone had very pretty bikinis. I looked down at my old blue tankini, "I feel sort of . . . out of place."

"Don?t. You're beautiful, no matter what you're wearing. Come on, lets jump in."

"Last one in is a rotten friend!" I yelled as I gave myself a head-start to do the best cannonball ever!

"I guess I'm a rotten friend," Kyle moaned.

"At least rotten friends, make cute boys.: I smiled at him and just stared into his eyes. With the flick of a gravitational switch, our heads slowly moved toward each others.


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