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What Can You Do?

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I hate when people look at you and decide right off the bat that you're stupid, ugly, and idiotic. We're all guilty of doing it at one point, though. But when you start calling a person that, even though you don't know him or her, your words have an impact on that person. It hurts. You have feelings, and though you may have thick skin, those feelings are there. I have pretty thin skin, and a violent temper. Is that a bad combination? Extremely. When I flip my lid, I flip it bad.

"You stupid little Emo! What can you do besides cut yourself?"

What can I do? I can write. That one talent doesn't seem like such a big thing, does it? Well, it is. Writing is more to me than just putting words to paper (or in this case, words to a computer screen). It's about feeling, and about loving what you write. I can't explain the feeling that I put into everything I write. It's hard, but I know it's there. Heartfelt words of mine find their way on to everything, whether it is a personal journal or a public archive like the Whyville Times.

I don't answer anymore when they call me a stupid Emo. I'm not an Emo kid. Can't someone have a rough patch down the road without being called Emo anymore? I'm not Emo. I'm not Emo. I'm. Not. Emo. I hate the stereotype that the "Emo" thing to do is to "cut yourself" and "attempt suicide". People who aren't Emo cut themselves. They commit suicide, too. There are Emo kids who don't cut or try to kill themselves.

I went through a short period of hating people in general. I knew I was flawed. Knowing your flaws makes you a better person because you know you're not perfect. But why do these people find themselves so high and mighty? Is it because they can sing? I can sing too, people. I keep talents like that under wraps. Is it because they're pretty? You can be physically attractive, but that doesn't make you beautiful on the inside. Nobody wants a jerk for a boyfriend or a girlfriend. If they do, they're going to end up in an abusive relationship. Is it because they think they're smart? I've seen these kids' report cards. They're anything but smart.

I can do anything I put my mind to. Life isn't going to be easy; it's unfair in a lot of ways. But, it will always be worth it. You just have to deal with the rough patches in the road and keep going. Never say, "I can't." Always say, "I can. It's not going to be easy, but it's possible." Never let them get you down if they can do something better, because you can do everything. Do your best.

So, Whyvillians, I ask you.

What can you do?


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