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The End: Part 11

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Author's Note: Part 11! Final part, guys. But, I have a challenge for you. I'm going to put previews to a few series I've started to write, and I want YOU to pick which one!


At the moment Dad fell out of the sky, I realized I was alone . . . Marcus was coming, but I had to keep going. Nailani's life was important. I flew, quickly, and the temperature decreased as I went.

I saw the ice caps, and landed, staring up into the sky. Cold air whipped around me, and pulled Nailani's hair out of place. I searched desperately for the opening in the ground and leapt into it when I found it.

"Who goes?" a deep, booming voice asked. "Desiree and Nailani Matthews." I responded. I clutched Nailani to me, and the voice spoke again. "What are you?" "We are Reapers. You may scan us, if it is what you please," I answered coolly. "You are trusted. Enter." I stared ahead as the ice wall opened, and walked into it quickly.

I looked up at the throne, made of skulls, and looked at the Lord of the Reapers. He was powerful looking. I could not describe him without shaming his glory. I knelt before him. "I am here to serve you, and only you," I said strongly. "For eternities, I have waited for your family to come to rule," he answered simply. I stood, and he stared at Nailani in interest. "Why have you brought a Soul Carrier to me?"

"My lord, I need you to taint her aura. Please, I beg of you, to give her the aura of her heritage: a Reaper," I said without missing a beat. "Bring me the child," he whispered. "I see an amazing future for your family, but tragedy must strike . . . it seems it already has," he foresaw. "Your mother, charming woman, she was the ruler of your clan . . . she has died. But to whom does she give the throne? Your father has died, as well, to be with her. As a reward for your loss I give them beauty in darkness. But you, my dear, have fallen in with the wrong crowd," he said, "You have found yourself with a Demon." I nodded. "Marcus is a Demon, yes, but at heart, he is a Reaper, sir, and -- " "Silence!" I was quiet when he shouted. "You shall decide. Kill him, and live to have this throne. Or suffer greatly for breaking the laws of nature," Dazren shouted. I had to choose . . .

"And as for Aimee and Joshua, fine couple they are, they have broken rules here. Aimee has declared herself against us, you see, after your mother died. Joshua has agreed he would rather not die for this precious one, who I have given the aura of a Reaper. They are now dead as well, for the Angels have taken them. Desiree, you will take the throne," Dazren said. He placed the crown on my head, and I felt power surge through my veins. "And I am now . . . gone," Dazren said simply, and vanished.

So it ended with Nailani and me.

And suddenly, I too found beauty in darkness, with my family. My Marcus held me in his arms, Nailani and I both, and I stared at my parents. We were happy, just holding each other. Aimee and Joshua had each other, and Marcus and I had each other and Nailani.

Dazren had tricked me to lead me to my demise.

I saw a light . . . a bright light. I drifted with Nailani and Marcus holding me.

"I love you, Alice. No matter what happens," I heard from behind me. "Josh, you're everything I've ever needed or wanted. Stay with me." "Aimee, I'll go with you anywhere." "Joshua, I need you to exist."

Then he whispered in my ear, "Desiree, forever is ours." "I love you, Marcus," I whispered.

Then Heaven shone brightly in front of us, and we walked through the gates into an eternity of happiness.

The End

Author's Note: Wow. Four series! I'm going take a break from writing stories for a while, maybe . . . but count on me coming back! Thank you all for reading, and for the support. Thanks so much. I promise Whyville will get much credit if I decide to publish these. And of course, there will be signed copies for the people who stuck with me through this. There are too many of you to list, but granted, I love you guys a bit. Thanks especially to the ones that argued in the BBS for my signed copies. Previews shall be posted in the BBS!


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