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Gosh Cosmetics

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I love eye makeup. It's a weakness for me. Whenever we go shopping I'm instantly drawn to the eye makeup. I love all of the eye liners, the eye shadows, and mascaras. The hard part about shopping for eye makeup is to know what brand to get. What will work and still look good? It's hard to know but sometimes you just have to take a chance . . . and that's what I did. I took a chance and found the wonderful brand of Gosh.

Gosh Cosmetics has apparently been around for 25 years and is for sale in over sixty countries! They started out as a pharmaceutical company, and soon evolved into a company that sells bath products, cosmetics, and fragrances.

Personally, I love Gosh because of its original products and color choices for eyeliner. They don't test on animals and their products haven't caused me to breakout or caused any irritation.

For your face they have pressed powder, creamy compact makeup, light wear foundation, x-ceptional wear foundation, makeup stick, cover corrector stick, loose powder, natural blush, touch up concealer, precious powder pearls, velvet touch foundation primer, cover me up mousse, lift me up makeup, multi-color blush, giant sun powder, and eye shadow base.

For your eyes they have eye liner-extreme art, eye liner-kohl, eye liner-let's twist, eye liner pen, eye liner-velvet touch, various eye shadows (that come in singles, duos, trios, and quattros), eyebrow pencil, and various types of mascaras!

They also carry many lip products and perfume of all sorts. They even carry nail polish!

Now, this wouldn't be a very good fashion article if I didn't show you some examples! So here we go, some different looks that you yourself can create by using some of the Gosh products.

Pure Magic

How to get her look:

Face: Precious powder pearls - $20.00
Eyes: Eye liner-extreme art: Glitter top coat, silver glitter art eye liner - $16.00
Eye shadow-singles: 282 - $10.50
Lips: On stage cool lip jam: 100 - $13.00
Effects: Effect powder: Steel - $14.00


How to get her look:

Face: Light wear foundation - $16.00
Eyes: Eye liner-let's twist: Aqua line - $12.25
Eye shadow-quattros: Jamaica - $18.00
Lips: Soft shine lip balm with (with SPF 15!): Antique gold - $13.00
Effects: Effect powder: Butterfly - $14.00

Tropical Passion

How to get her look:

Face: Natural Blush: Rose whisper - $17.50
Eyes: Tropical eye pencil: Violet queen - $12.25
Eye shadow-quattros: Toucan or Flamingo - $18.00
Lips: Soft'n shine lip balm: Sweetheart - $13.00
Effects: Effect powder: Pineapple - $14.00
Nail Polish: Cute - $9.50

Try something new for back to school. Try something exiting and new . . . like Gosh!


Author's Note: Sources: http://www.goshamericas.com


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