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Black Death: Part 6

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Author's Note: I haven't gotten a chance to get this into the Times for a week or two so here is a quick recap of what happened last time.

Marie is stuck in a house with plaque victims and it's about to be set on fire, with her in it!

The stench was overwhelming. It smelled like gas, smoke, and death. Those scents overpowered my senses and my eyes clouded up.

I ran toward the door, hoping for a quick exit. Soldiers were everywhere. There was no way I could get out without them seeing me . . . or was there?

What I needed was a distraction! But what?

I looked around the small room trying to find something. There were two beds and a table, all too heavy to lift.

The only movable and effective things in the room were the bodies.

Holding my breath, I picked up the baby, the lightest corpse and threw her out the window, breaking the glass.

I watched as the soldiers ran to the body examining it, yet not getting too close.

Taking the chance, I burst threw the door, past the soldiers, and ran up the street. I did not dare to stop, or to look back.

I had a plan to ensure that my sin be forgiven.

But first, I had to get back to my home, and to my mother.

I hope that she had calmed down.



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