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When I get on Whyville, and I think of who I admire the most, it isn't a popular person. I think about EmoJamesy.

I know a lot of people reading this are thinking, "Wow, who is that?" I shall tell you. He is my best friend on Whyville. I have a lot of respect for James. Although he may be called worthless, he has lots of pride. James is dating another guy, and is proud of it! Even if people call him "gay" in a bad way, he gets kind of mad, but he still stays the same old James I know.

He is also "Emo" and even calls himself that and knows he is. He does get sad a lot, and gets made fun of once and awhile. Yet he is still here today, no matter how hard it gets.

I don't see him as worthless at all. He is amazing. We met over a year ago, and he has almost always been there for me. I love how when people say things about him, he gets a little upset, but in the end he is always proud of who he is and never changes.

You may see James in the BBS since he doesn't really go in chat anymore, but be sure to say, "Hi," to him. He is pretty cool once you get to know him.

Having pride in who you are or what you do is something I wish everyone had. James, you're not worthless; you are an extraordinary person.

Well, this is Rachel,


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