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Eternal Love

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She walked, slowly, to the front of the church. The organ played in the front as she timed her footsteps to the music. He was waiting at the front. He was waiting for her, and waiting to leave.

His parents cried and so did hers. It was such an emotional occasion. Her husband was in the front of the room. It would only be just a few more seconds, a few more steps until she reached him.

He did not smile, nor grab her hand. She grabbed his, tears streaming down her cheeks, and stared down at his face. His eyes were closed. His hands were cold. His heart no longer beat because she had lost him. She heard the sniffles behind her, and hoped this was a dream. She prayed, and she hoped. She cried.

She cried because it wasn't a dream. His ice-cold hand pried her from those hopes. She stared down at his face, the one she had loved for years and years, and walked up to the podium. Tears were still pouring from her eyes as she spoke. Authority rang in her voice. It was as if she was singing for him to come back. She was singing like a bird.

"My fiance feared nothing. He feared no man, no creature, and certainly not death. He did not fear danger. He was setting everybody up for this. He was an amazing person. Looking back at his accomplishments, I see everything he did for everybody he met. He gave his mother the gift of a beautiful and nearly perfect son. He gave his father the son every dad wants. He gave me, his bride to be, the gift of love stronger than no other. His love, though he is gone, is still here. Because his legacy shall live on."

"All of you have one memory of him that sticks out from the others. Mine was the moment I met him. He was a gentleman! He treated his mother and I like queens. Months later, he proposed. I could have not imagined a happier person than I at that moment."

"When he died, it struck me as not just a loss of my love, a loss of my heart. I felt as if at that moment, when I realized he had died, that my heart was torn out of my chest and shattered. The pain was unbearable, for I could not find a reason to get up in the mornings, or sleep at night, or just continue living. But I would go on, and make him proud of me. Each day that I am without him, is a day closer to being with him again."

She looked at her husband's now closed casket. The ring on her finger felt heavier as she choked up. Her final goodbye was stuttered, and drowned in tears "G-g-goodbye. But not forever, until I see you again. I'm sorry I drove. I'm sorry I didn't go instead of you. Forgive me . . ."

His life long buddies helped her away from the podium. Sobs were shaking her body. Every moment she had spent with him was a precious one, flashing before her in memories. She cherished these. She opened her eyes and his buddies were pulling her alongside his casket. She wailed another sob. They pulled her, crying with her, to his final resting place.

Each shovel of dirt that hit the coffin boomed in her ears like a heartbeat. The priest's words were echoing in her ears, giving her a massive headache. Burning waves washed through her chest causing pain that seemed like an innocent shot compared to her loss. She ignored the pain, forgetting her heart condition. Sweat poured down her face with her tears. She stared at his finished grave, and held out a hand to it. Everybody left flowers and left, dabbing away tears. She fell on his grave and wept until her broken heart no longer beat, until the end had found her, and brought the two of them back together for an eternity of happiness.

Author's Note: Little fictional piece I wrote a while back. I found it in my desk. But if you couldn't get the gist of it, the woman was supposed to marry her fiance, but he got drunk, and she let him drive.


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