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Clams Promotion

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Happy Labor Day weekend my fellow Whyvillians!

In the spirit of "Back to School", we have decided to have a special clams promotion for the Times. For every article published in this issue, and for the next 4 issues (through October 5th), the author will receive 250 clams!

That's right, you will get clams for each article you have published. You can even have multiple articles published a week (up to 3 maximum). So if you have 3 articles published, you will get 750 clams.

Here are some tips to help you get published:

- For instructions on how to submit, see this article.

- Always make sure to format your subject line of your email like this (without the brackets): [type of submission]: [author], [title]. So the subject line to the email for this article would have been: Hot Topics: AMae: Clams Promotion.

- Write a tag line that goes along with your article. The tag line is what the readers see before they click to read your article. The tag line for this article was, "AMae announces a special clams promotion for the Times."

- And the most important of all . . . always check for spelling and grammar mistakes! I cannot emphasize this enough. Use a simple spell check in your email software, or word processor. Always use correct grammar, such as capitalizing the beginning of sentences and proper nouns. Pretend that the article you are submitting is for a school essay. Having perfect spelling and grammar increases your chances of being published.

That's it for now! Happy writing and I can't wait to read all of your articles.



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