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Is Your Password Safe?

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Is Your Password Safe?

by Hotstuf12
Times Reporter

I have spoken to a source who wishes to remain anonymous. This person said that they went to one of flower's club meetings, and saw them planning to ask for passwords.

Also, this person caught flower using other people's names again.

Flower is not alone this time. Princess3, city_hall, and city hall_ are all asking for passwords and using them to purchase stuff for themselves.

There is also a rumor going around, that someone in their group has used a hacking program to enter and edit parts of Whyville. This is not factual, but several souces said they heard her talking about a program and why-clams.

This is very disturbing news because if this is true, they control all the elements present in whyville, including your hard-earned clams.

If anyone sees anything suspicious involving these people notify City Hall, IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Note from City Hall: Citizens, don't be fooled by people pretending to be me. There is only one City Hall, spelled with capital C & H, with no funny underscores. The accounts for city_hall and city hall_ have both been removed from Whyville because they were so blatantly trying to impersonate me. As for hacking into Whyville, there has been no evidence of this so far. It's not likely, but it is possible, so everyone please keep your guard up!


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