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Oh No Not Again: Part 3

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After leaving the Mystical W's summer home, I went and sat at North Beach, soaking up the sun and trying to think of a plan to stop the domination of Whvyille . . .

Then an idea came to me!

Msmooer! She was Jim's captive before I saved her, so she owed me a debt for saving her, plus she would have to know about Jim's weakness . . . right . . . RIGHT?!

So on I went, to Dr.Leila's patio where msmooer was having her support group for any citizens traumatized by Jim . . . only msmooer wasn't there . . . in her place was BounciBug. Apparently she was so afraid that Jim would come back to get her that she changed her username to BounciBug.

Okay so there were six Whyvillians in that support group and out of those six, only two are helping me . . . wow, what chickens!

Anyways, I quickly explained my plan to my two followers . . . they thought it was a stupid plan yet they said they would follow along with it anyways.

Our plan was: After we unmask the real Jim on Halloween (how hard can that be?) we throw a net over him just like last time and send him to some far off website . . . again . . . then find him in real life and smash his computer into a million pieces, then run away before he can call the cops on us.

I think it's foolproof . . .

But then again I'm not a fool . . . I'm a freak.

Well I guess I better just hope that the plan is both foolproof AND freakproof.

Okay well I'll just hope it works!


Author's Note: Big thanks to NewAcc5, alygirl02, Singel12, LowOnSoap, tayray10, and an extra special big ginormous thank you to BounciBug who came up with the storyline for this article! Yay BounciBug!


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