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The Scion Movement

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Every day I have my usual routine on Whyville. I check the Y-Mail, read the Times and then check City Hall before hanging out with my friends. I usually check petitions first. There are usually tons about "lowering scion prices" and "Free Scions!" but this one was different. This one was the "Scion Movement" and I thought this one stood out from the rest.

I've recently chatted with the author of the petition kay66709. She looks like a veteran on Whyville with all of her shinny badges and medals, so it seems as though she knows a lot about Whyville! Here is what she had to say.

Watermel8: What is the Scion Movement all about?
Kay66709: The Scion Movement is a petition to get a Used Scion Dealership or Used Scion Club in Whyville.
Watermel8: How did you come up with this idea?
Kay66709: I was in Club Scion buying a new car and I thought to myself, "If I buy this car, I won't have that many clams left." So I just figured it would be a good idea to have used and unwanted scions be sold again. There are people who have multiple cars and they don't always use them.
Watermel8: Do you think the Scion Movement will become official on Whyville?
Kay66709: It really depends on Whyvillians. If they like my petition, they'll vote. I hope it becomes official. A number of people have y-mailed me and told me that I had a really good idea and they loved it.
Watermel8: What was your reason for starting it?
Kay66709: It isn't just a personal excuse. I like to make petitions that can benefit other people, and I know the will love it. There are people on Whyville that can't earn that many clams for themselves. With this petition, those will fewer clams can still purchase a Scion without worrying about spending so much money on a new one.

As you could see by her answers, she is sincere and taking this seriously. I think this is a brilliant idea for Whyvillians lacking 14,000 clams! It's all about used dealerships.

Let's make it happen!

Roll on . . .

Note from City Hall: What a great article and idea for a petition. This is another reason why we all love Whyville -- because citizens like Kay66709 keep us inspired to continue improving. All of us like this idea, including our Scion sponsor, so we will definitely look into implementing something like this for a future expansion of Scion's presence in Whyville. Keep up the great work!


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