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Hi! Did You Know I Live In Greenland?

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It's always fun to get down and chat with friends on Whyville, but do we ever take the time to try and meet new people? Not normally. The shame in that is Whyville has members all around the world and you may never know that someone has lived in your dream vacation spot, Argentina, or someone is training to be in the Olympics. That's why I decided to go around and ask a few Whyvillians some interesting questions so it might show you how interesting people can be. I think you'll enjoy the interesting answers!

Cohenlm: What was your most adventurous adventure?

memenono: My sister, mom, and I were driving to Florida. We went through mountains, I guess you can call them that. We also went over a bridge. That was really scary for my sister and I because we hate heights.
2ht4uboi2: My most adventurous adventure would have to be cross country skiing in Quebec and falling into a hill.
Cohenlm's Interruption: I went to Quebec, Canada 3 years ago and walked into a pizza shop. Although I walked out with no pizza because the owners didn't understand English!
tayray10: My most adventurous adventure would have to be when I went to California with my sister. We flew first class with my grandparents. We also went to Disneyland, Sea World, and Universal Studios. It was a lot of fun!
alygirl02: I'd say my most adventurous adventure was the time I went to this camp that was all overgrown. It had a dangerous trail . . . that was fun.
blueblu2: The first time I tried skiing I got lost and crashed into everything in front of me.
singel12: Probably the time I hosted a sleepover, and my friend was texting this guy she liked, and he came over to my house on his 4-wheeler at midnight.
OMGvince: I don't really have much, but I once swung on a vine and it broke and I fell onto rocks.

Cohenlm: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

memenono: I'm very smart!
2ht4uboi2: Something people may be surprised to know about me would be that I'm shy in real life, and not like my bubbly personality on here, and also that I was a former cheerleader.
tayray10: Most people are surprised to find out I'm a vegetarian. I just think eating animals is wrong.
alygirl02: People would be surprised to know that I enjoy drawing and writing.
blueblu2: Math is my least favorite subject but it's my best subject.
singel12: I fall down and hurt myself on purpose (like falling off chairs) to get attention. Everyone loves it when someone falls flat on their face.
Cohenlm's Interruption: People do like attention!
OMGVince: That I play the drums.

Cohenlm: What is your favorite place you've ever visited?

memenono: I guess Wisconsin, since I thought there were A LOT of major cute guys there!
2ht4uboi2: My favorite place I've ever visited is Kalahari in Sandusky, Ohio because it's a huge waterpark, and it's the farthest I've been before.
tayray10: Lego Land or Sea World.
Cohenlm's Interruption: I went to Lego Land in California and it was so awesome!
alygirl02: My favorite place I've ever visited would probably be my uncle's house by the lake in Alabama.
blueblu2: I like all the places I've visited, but my favorite would be China.
singel12: Defiantly Arizona. It is so different than Idaho! There was still snow in Idaho and in Arizona it was boiling.
OMGVince: It was this one island called Turks and Caicos and I was at a resort called Beaches and it was oh so good.

Cohenlm: What is your favorite food and why?

tayray10: Ice cream because I just think it's good.
alygirl02: My favorite food is chicken because it has such a good taste.
Cohenlm's Interruption: My favorite food has to be at least soup because it comes in so many varieties! Curly noodles, circular noodles, no noodles, vegetables, creamy broth, greasy broth!

Now that you've read a few questions and answers, I thought I'd like to share a few of my interesting stories, although I already interrupted several times throughout this article.

Well, I think some people would be surprised to know I'm deathly afraid of spiders, well at least when they're up my shorts! Here's my story. Well, I'm about 4 or 5 sitting in the car waiting to get home from what I think was a family vacation. Suddenly, I feel a chill in my pink shorts and forget about it. It happens again, so I look down. Nothing. It happens once more and I look down to find a SPIDER sitting in my shorts. Well, you know I made such a fuss. Yelling, "MOMMYMYYMYMYMMYMYMYMY STOP THE CAR. STOP THE CARRR." So, my mother stopped the car and frantically checked my shorts. As she wiped the spider away she shouted, "I think the spider's dead because you scared it with your freaking out!" So, that's my spider experience. Have you had one similar? Post it in the BBS.

You readers also might like to know about my incident at my house when I was about 2. This is how mother tells it. Supposedly, I had spotted a "reindeer" outside my house. So, I asked my mother who was cooking up a storm and talking on the phone for a carrot. She got me a carrot and handed it to me. I walked downstairs, and opened the door as I shouted, "Rudolph come here!" I had the carrot reaching outside the door. The next thing my mother knows is a deer is trying to nudge itself into the door. But, of course, mothers always spoil the fun and she shooed the reindeer away. Did you do that when you were little? Post it in the BBS!

So, now you've read two of my past experiences, some of the Whyvillians' experiences, what's next? Well, what's next is to write yours in the BBS and start talking to more Whyvillians no matter what they look like! Just go up and say, "Hey! Have you ever been to China, I have!" and go from there. I'm sure you'll figure out how to make a new friend.

This is Cohenlm saying so long friends and have a great day!

"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold! A circle is round it has no ends, that's how long I want to be your friend!"


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