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Save the Reef

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Do you want to save the reef but don't really know how? Well now you can save the reef with this informational article. I know it seems just a short while ago our Reef was nice, pure, and clean, but now it is right back to where it started. But this time you can help simply by reading this article and doing something fun and easy. These are ways you can help.

1) You can go to your salary ledger and scroll down until you see in big bold letters "Reef Stimulation". By clicking that it will lead you to a page. When you get to that page click on all the pictures and complete the questions using the directions they give you. When you complete that go to the Reef and then click on "Save the Reef", which again will lead you to a different page. After you do that click on "Reef Management Plan" and complete those following questions to get your name next to the other Whyvillians who to helped the reef.

2) You can make or buy "Save the Reef" face parts. Here's the really cool thing about it -- you don't have to have pearls to make one, you use clams! To get there go to the Reef and then click on "Save the Reef". When you get there (to the page) click on "buy or make face parts" then scroll down until you see four boxes. Click on the size you want and then design away. Remember make something that has to do with the reef or Akbar will not accept it. To buy one simply go to Akabar's Face Mall, then scroll down until you see "Save the Reef Boutique". Then click on that and choose from shirts, signs, backgrounds, hats, and more!

3) You can also just donate clams. Not only do all of your clams go to saving the reef but if you donate a certain amount of clams you get a rocking pin. Here are the levels of the pins:

100 = Red Spotted Coral Crab Pin
500 = Clown Trigger Fish Pin
1,000 = White Tip Reef Shark Pin

See now you can do something to save the reef. So come on, let's help Whyville's reef be a better place.


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