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How It Goes

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How It Goes

Science Writer

Hi there, it's me, Velour! I just want to point out a few things about Why-Pox. I've had them already, so I know some things about it. I will review some of the gossip as well.

First: there is no known cure for Why-Pox! Do not pay money for a cure that does not exist! I have heard people say, "if you pay me 30 clams I will give you a code to get rid of why pox." That is not true! If there was a cure, it would be confirmed in the Times and at the CDC.

Second: people, it doesn't really matter if you change your face! It doesn't make your Why-Pox worse! Your Why-Pox make your Why-Pox worse!

Third: When you get Why-Pox you get a rash and you sneeze a bunch, that's about all

Fourth: This is how the course of Why-Pox goes(I think):

    Day 1: invisible
    Day 2: really light pink
    Day 3: darker pink getting splotchy
    Day 4: splotchy red zits (yech)
    Day 5: darker splotchy pink
    Day 6: light pink
    Day 7: gone

I think that is how they go but I'm not entirely sure, so don't go nuts if it doesn't work out like that.

Fifth: you can't just wait them out (well, I couldn't, anyway) for them to pass -- you must be on Whyville. It's like the first four days chat rule. A day only counts if you go on Whyville. You just can't ditch Whyvillle for a week and come back and expect it to disappear!

Sixth: don't think that something's wrong with you if you never get, it 'cause sometimes it just skips people!

Seventh: if people tease you cause you look stupid, they've either had it and looked equally stupid or haven't had it yet and will look even stupider than you, LoLz! In short, just ignore the teasers.

Eighth: don't tease people with hats over their heads! They're probably covering the rash! And besides, it's a better excuse saying "my hat fell over my eyes" than saying "I forgot to visit my dermatologist (skin doctor)!"

Well, you're probably bored out of your minds right now (if you have any, some of you have probably sneezed you brains out already... joking joking joking!!). Well, g2g, bye!

(P.S. Get well soon!)

This is me signing out... going going...



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