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Medals: Award or a Worry?

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Medals: Award or a Worry?

Guest Writer

Ahem, this is Bracelet (obviously, look at the corner with my name). LoL, anyway, when you think of medals what comes to mind? Something that you win by working for? Hmm... I thought so!

For many of us, a mail came in concerning something to do with thank you and a medal for visiting Whyville. Sounds innocent right? I THINK NOT! I for one find it COMPLETELY unfair and horrible, that kind ol' City Hall would do such a thing! I mean really, it's almost like spelling out, "Thanks, you're an oldie" or something to that effect.

You may not agree, but think of it this way: if you haven't received a GOLDEN, SILVER, or BRONZE (that shouldn't even be categorized), how would you feel? Walking into the playground for example, many Whyvillians proudly showing of their beautiful new prizes because of their WHYVILLE AGE!!!

Many articles have already been written over this subject. I figured by now that WHYVILLE itself would understand many citizens feel inferior, right? Well, giving others MEDALS obviously doesn't help! An opposing thought would only state that we're very proud of our age, correct? If that's the case, we should have gave EVERY SINGLE WHYVILLIAN a medal.

Think of it this way, without newbies continuously joining, we wouldn't have hit that 100,000 mark months ago! That indeed was a huge milestone! I SAY REWARD EVERYONE! And seriously, handing out medals to old people is not the way to help newbies fit in.

If you do not or even do agree with me on this statement, I'll be glad to read & reply to mails from everyone concerning this subject. We might even set up a debate at Spin Speak; I'll keep you in touch if so!

This is Bracelet, Feedin the Dogs cat food =) hehe


Note from City Hall:

Hi Bracelet,

Thank you for your heartfelt opinion on our recent medal awards. I agree with you, the last thing we want to do is make our newest citizens feel unwanted or inferior! But don't you think that citizens who have stuck with our community -- citizens who have survived the Great Black Out and the incredible growth since then, who have shared Whyville with their friends and helped us reach a point of such success -- don't they deserve a special thank you from me and the rest of the folks at City Hall? We just wanted to acknowledge their commitment and perseverance, and encourage younger citizens to remain with us long enough to earn those awards themselves. I hope that makes sense!


City Hall



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