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Dear Jeremy

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Dear Jeremy,

First time we met, I didn't like you. I never knew you personally, I guess I judged quickly. I heard many things about you from my friends. Some good things, and some bad things. I never thought we would be this good of friends.

We were in the same class. You and I sat together and we always had something to talk about. We would talk about songs we liked, hot celebrities, and many other things. You were very chatty, but that was what I loved about you. You would always have something to say. It always kept the conversation alive. There was never an awkward silence.

Geeky haircut, freckly face, big teeth. You may have been a silly looking boy, but I didn't really care. People made fun of you. They would say, "You're so gay!" and, "You're just a dumb gossip!" None of that was true. You were very sweet, but of course on those bad days you would have a little anger in you. Not everyone is perfect.

After summer, we weren't in the same class, but we still stayed tight. We had lunch together and chatted in the morning. It seemed pretty normal, but all of a sudden, you started to say mean things. You started to make fun of people and say bad words. You weren't the same boy you were a couple months ago.

I hear from a friend that you wanted to ditch me at lunch. I couldn't deal with you anymore, so I decided not to go to lunch with you. We started to send notes to each other. I was asking why you would say that and how you have changed. You turned the whole thing against me, started saying I was the bad guy, saying that my chances of being your friend were over. From then on, there were no more notes.

We don't talk anymore. When you see me, you avoid me. You say terrible things about me to my own friends, such as, "I wouldn't care if you got shot! I wouldn't care if you were dead!" Those things really hit me. It was official, our friendship was over and will most likely never start again.

I miss our conversations in the morning. I miss talking about who would be on Ellen that night. I miss your smile.

I miss you, but you definitely don't miss me.



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