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Oh No Not Again: Part 5

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Author's Note: To start off this article, I would love to congratulate our winner from last week's contest Singel12! Yayyyy! She was clever enough to guess which was the right Jim. Many people had the correct answer but Singel12 was the speediest. She will be awarded 200 clams! Now, the rest of you get to find out who the real Jim is...

I decided to round up all the Jims from the graveyard and take them inside Hauntington Mansion . . . but I changed first so I could feel more "Halloweeny" seeing as my hat blew away.

Once all the Jims were inside I removed all of their masks. The problem was that they actually WERE all masks! None of them were the REAL Jim!

Suddenly I realized something, something I should have realized before, something that singel12 realized but I DIDN'T! The way the Mystical W didn't poof in, she just walked. How could I be so STUPID! It was Halloween for goodness sake . . . why on Earth would Jim be dressed as himself?!

Jim is the Mystical W!

Well . . . not all of the time, just for Halloween.

I knew what I had to do. I had to unmask the Mystical W . . . to reveal Jim! I knew where he would be . . . in the graveyard by the cauldron. I had to get there, and fast!

The only problem was the fact that all those Whyvillians were mad at me for ruining their Jim costumes, so they decided to attack me, steal my Halloween clothing, and dress me in all of their non Halloweeny clothing that they were wearing underneath.

So now I looked completely different . . . they even stole my hair!

No matter, I still had to save Whyville!

So Jim left and I was alone in the graveyard.

What a waste! I never did ANYTHING to stop Jim.

Well, we know that he will be back, and when he is, I'll be ready for him . . .


Author's Note: Thanks to happylils, CatCat17, alygirl02, caliebabi, kittieme, x3Amberx7, tEXasgal0, MeetTerry, and sqeakers1. There have been a lot of people asking to be in comics and all of those who asked earlier, I will put you into a comic sometime. My apologies. Also, I have to ask that no one asks to be in articles for a while because I'm going to be taking a break from the whole me vs. Jim thing and just concentrate on "Jim's Side." One more thing . . . none of this was real. It was a comic, meant for entertainment.


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