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The North Reef Needs Us

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Oh, dear! Not again! Well, yes, it IS again. Our poor North Reef is becoming . . . well, poor. But have no fear! I'm going to show you guys some steps to help clean up and sponsor our very own Whyville reef!

To find out on your own of what's going on, grab your scuba gear and dive into the North Reef to discover some things. Count cautiously, look at the graphs, and think. What is the cause of this terrible-ness?

But what can you do to help? Actually, it's quite simple! You must have seen those advertisements for saving the reef on the homepage are popping up lately, right? Click one of those, and you've completed the first step. But has that helped the reef yet? Of course not! Look around to what you see on the page. Read each one carefully.

Do you have some clams you would like to donate, to make the Reef Management Plan a reality?

Well, maybe you don't have many clams! Don't worry about that, though. You can raise awareness by creating a reef face part and selling it, or simply by wearing Save The Reef face parts.

You can also create a Reef Management Plan. Relate it to your studies, and select what you think is best!

Finally, here is another choice. You can write Save The Reef articles for the Whyville Times, just as I am doing right now! It really helps to raise awareness.

Now that I've told you, what are you waiting for?! Get out there and do your part!

A Times Writer,


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