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Designing Senator Ducky464 Gets Real

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Learn what you've always wanted to know about being a Whyville Senator and Designer here in this sizzling hot interview!

I was lucky enough to score an exclusive one on one interview with current Senator and leading Whyville designer Ducky464, also known as Miranda. Miranda was open and "real" with me as she answered all my questions without hesitation.

I've always been a little hesitant of talking to "famous" Whyvillians. "What could I have to offer to a conversation?" was always my first thought. So it definitely took courage for me to ask Miranda (Ducky464) for an interview. It turned out that she is just as down-to-earth and kind as any other Whyvillian, and I walked away the winner in the interview, because I was able to make a new friend. Here's what she had to say!

I started off asking Miranda about her Whyville experience . . .

ItsMeZoey: When and how did you first learn about Whyville?
Ducky464: I learned about Whyville in the 6th grade, when some kids at my lunch table were talking about it. I asked what they were talking about, and they told me to join it with them.

ItsMeZoey: What is your favorite Whyville memory?
Ducky464: Greek Theater nights with my old Roof/Club Why friends, and holykow.

ItsMeZoey: Do you think you will ever outgrow Whyville?
Ducky646: Maybe, maybe not. It's a stress relieving site.

Eventually I got onto the subject of Miranda's FABULOUS designing skills . . .

ItsMeZoey: How long were you a citizen before you started designing things?
Ducky464: I was a citizen for about three or four months before I started designing. Most of those designs have been deleted though, for they were incredibly mediocre.

ItsMeZoey: What was your first design and what inspired you to make it?
Ducky464: My first design was a magenta hat, shaped similarly to the whyhat. The whyhat actually inspired me to make it, because back in 04, the whyhat was worth around 10k.

ItsMeZoey: What is your favorite part that you have designed?
Ducky464: Honestly, I don't have a favorite part that I designed. All the parts that I don't restock are probably my faves.

ItsMeZoey: What do you feel is your most exclusive or rare part and why?
Ducky464: All the ones I have never restocked . . . reason being most people have never even seen them before. I own all of them, so nobody owns them either. Though, most of them have expired on my spares.

ItsMeZoey: What would you say to someone who has aspirations to design great parts?
Ducky464: Start out small, and work your way up. Have a lot of patience, and don't remake. Remaking will give you a bad reputation, and once you work away from that people will hold grudges against you and refuse to buy your parts. Also, don't give up.

Finally, I asked Miranda about her Senate experience . . .

ItsMeZoey: What made you decide to run for Senator?
Ducky464: All of the complaints people were discussing in chat rooms, and some of the problems I noticed as well.

ItsMeZoey: What was the most difficult part of running for Senator?
Ducky464: Ignoring the rumors people made about me. Competition gets fierce, and sometimes people make up lies about candidates.

ItsMeZoey: What has been the most difficult part of being in the Senate since your win?
Ducky464: Time. Life has twists and turns, and a lot of bad things have been happening in real life, which has prevented me from getting on Whyville.

ItsMeZoey: What encouraging words would you say to someone who has aspirations to run for Senator?
Ducky464: Don't put on a fake act to fool people. Whyville wants senators who aren't playing nice just to get a crown. Also, stay strong. As I said, competition is fierce. Good luck to everyone!

and finally . . .

ItsMeZoey: What has Whyville done for you?
Ducky464: Whyville has helped me in art. My teacher and my classmates say I have exceptional hair drawing skills . . . and Whyville's Face Factory has definitely helped me with that! Also, Whyville has kept me sane on all of the summer nights when I was incapable of falling asleep.

That wraps up this reporter's exclusive interview with Miranda (Ducky464), Whyville Senator and designer extraordinaire! Thanks Miranda for your time and honesty and thank you Whyville Times readers for giving this, my first article a good once over! I'll be coming to you again with more exclusive interviews and stories in the very near future! Until then . . . see ya round Whyville!

Zoey C.


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