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And I Dream

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Author's Note: Sorry it's been so horrifically long since I've written. I've been trying to keep up with the Times, but that darn high school! My apologies if you thought I'd stopped writing!

I dream of cherry trees. And snow, and cemeteries where only the dead are living. I dream of rainy days in the city with nothing but a jacket and a pair of dirty sneakers. I dream of warm arms, tears, Christmas lights, and a stage. I dream of the day I'll play that Steinway and look out to find myself alone with the oak trees, creating an arch above my head as the I walk with the crunch of snow guiding my every footstep.

I believe in love. I believe in passions, souls, ghosts, memories, and pain. I believe that my writing is the answer, and I believe music is the only language I can truly understand. I believe in people, in miracles, in grace, in hope, in popsicles. I believe time does not heal, only scars. I believe we are stronger than we think we are, and I believe we are all here to breathe, to sing, to dance, to paint, to write. I believe in the greater good.

I miss the green grass, and the summer breeze as it blew through my hair. I miss the cicadas' song biting through the night and I miss the moon and the magic it once held. I miss the yearn for love, because it made the thought so much more enjoyable. I miss the old buildings, the sidewalk, the puddles that splashed up on the side of the cars. I miss my faith, and I miss knowing there's someone out there waiting for me instead of walking alone.

I want to be lost, just so I can find myself all over again. I want to feel someone's icy hands in mine and stare up into Heaven. I want just a moment's peace on Earth, even though it'll never happen. I want my home to still be there if I ever return. I want to be unbroken. I want to be strong.

Because I need to live. I need to feel, to hear, to taste . . . to see. I need to experience everything, imagine everything. I need to read every book in that run down library down the street and remember. I need yo dream, to believe, to miss, to want. To remember.

To regret.

So I dream of cherry trees and Heaven. They're all I've got left.


Author's Note: Picture source: http://aparatka.deviantart.com/art/heaven-64558614


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