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Crazy Meet The Makers Meeting

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Meet the makers. It's the first Tuesday of each month where the Whyvillians get to talk with the City Workers and ask them questions about Whyville. Normally they don't get too out of hand. Just a lot of questions pouring in. This Meet the Makers was different. Some of us got the idea that it would be fun to call Whyville's "contact us" phone number.

Some citizens were repeatedly calling and asking the phone answerer crazy questions about Whyville. Being my crazy self I decided it would be fun to talk to a Whyville staff member!

So I called the number with the *67 block at the beginning.


Ring ring, ring ring.

"Hello you have reached Whyville Incorporated (or something like this) please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can *beep*!"

Huh, no answer!

Oh well might as well leave a message . . .

"Hi! Omg I'm talking to Whyville people! Omg soo cool! Well actually no one is really talking to me I'm just leaving a message . . . maybe you are annoyed that we keep calling . . . okay byeeee!"

I went back into Whyville's MTM meeting where I was brbing and I declared that it went to voicemail.

"Really? When I called someone answered and I asked them questions like when why pox was coming back and they said they didn't know, and I'm like . . . really? Cool!" Said TIMMYcc, "Try call back . . ."

"Wait . . . did you block the number when you called? Cause I did. Maybe that's why it didn't go through." I replied.

"No, I never blocked my number."

That's why. I blocked my number. So I called back without the number block.

"Hi, you've reached Whyville how can I help you?" answered a voice.

"Hi! Is lopan a pumpkin?!?" I asked.

"Sometimes . . ." replied the voice.

"Really? He's a banana right now!"

"Yup. Sometimes he's a squash too!"

"Really?!? Cooooooool! Who am I talking to right now?" I asked.

"Alfred," he replied.


"Yes." said Alfred.

"Okay well I'm gonna go now. Bye Alfred!"


I went back into Whyville chat and told my friends about my conversation with Alfred. We decided to create a club. Our clubs name is "We Love Alfred <3" We currently have two members because well . . . we are an elite club!

Don't you feel special Alfred? You have a club!

So if you missed this MTM meeting you missed a lot of fun so be sure to come next time! You don't know what you will be missing!




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