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Whyville Favourites

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Whyville Favourites
Where do Whyvillians like to hang? Amanda reports.

by Amanda
Guest Writer

Hi. I polled some Whyvillians about their favourite places in Whyville, and I barely got any answers alike. So,here's what I found:

KiSsYfAcE: Whyville Square because she likes talking to people.

swtpolly: Akbar's Body Parts because she can buy whatever she wants for her face.

1: Spin Lab because she just thinks it's cool.

Sari: She likes chatting to people, so anywhere she can chat.

skid: Tiki Tours because because he thinks the expedition things are fun

limpcat: The BBS because she like to know what other people think.

Eden: Whyville Square because she can talk to people and meet new people.

Robert: The pool because he thinks it is a cool place to go and chat.

Kayan: Whyville Square, so she can chat with other people and her friends.

Amanda22: The Sundeck because she thinks it's pretty cool.

Mary Anne: The bazaar because she likes to buy things there.

I myself like the BBS and the Sun Spot Puzzle. It was cool to find out what other people think of Whyville.

Some, I thought, liked different places, but people change all the time. I used to love going to the pool, but I don't go there anymore. I guess if you go to one place too much, you sort of get tired of it.

Oh well. You like what you like, and dislike what you dislike. See ya!


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