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The Longest Day Ever

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The Longest Day Ever

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Setember 10th came and left us, and when each of us fell asleep that night when didn't care about anything besides what happened in our own lives. We know it's true, whether we'd like to admit it or not. I myself was too worried about my math test to care what happened in the world. I woke up Tuesday, September 11th, the same way I always do. The only difference is that while pouring my bowl of cornflakes and listening to the radio that morning, my entire box of conrflakes ended up on the floor.

You know what I mean. The shock that happened the first time your brain registered what happened. Then my whole body went numb, and I started doing things out of habit, without even thinking. This was some kind of joke right? So I turned on the TV. No joke.

Well I wrote my math test, and September 12th came. Do you realise that on March 11th, it will make six months since that day? That is half of a year. So what has happened since then? Take a look around you.

They tell us to never forget. That if we forget, it will happen again. How many of us have already forgotten? A lot. Don't believe me? Turn on your TV, or the radio, or go for a walk. On TV you see thousands and thousands of people each day who have just gone on with their lives. When you watch TV (and the news doesn't count on this question!) does your mind forget about September 11th? On the radio, there are musicians who go on recording their million dollar CDs, because it's still all about the money.

The Canadian dollar has fallen to the lowest point EVER. I had my parents convinced to buy me a why-pass until the price went up \$0.40 because of the exchange rate. Not good. Today on the front page of my local newspaper, that's what made the front page, not the war on the other side of the world. That is old news now. I mean, it's "no big deal" that the world is at war.

The malls still go on. I still catch the odd chick flick, and I still shop 'til I drop. I can sit in the food court with my friends and discuss the people I see everyday. The events of September 11th happened somewhere else, and now, well, now they seem somewhat like a movie that someone played for the entire world one morning.

They tell us never to forget, and although it is hard to believe, we are starting to forget. It may still make you feel numb when you talk about it. You may not want to talk about. The fact of the matter is this: six months is half of a year. A lot happens in a year.

Some of us are still stuck in the morning of September 11th. Some of us feel sorry, but still go on with our everyday lives. For some of us, our own worries are the most important. It's all about us. That's the kind of world we lived in before September 11th. On September 11th we lived in a world where it was all about our own safety. And now, it's all about us. What will happen to us.

On March 11th, take a moment to remember any one but yourself. Because I hope that there will never be a morning that my mind has never really left behind that day. September 11th was the longest day ever. Six months long. And still counting....

This is Giggler01, wondering what you're up to....



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