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Style Studio Tips and Makeovers

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It's finally here, Whyville's very own Style Studio. This studio was launched on November 19, 2009 and immediately became a popular hangout for Whyvillians. In this studio, people are able to give out makeovers and earn clams for each customer. You may be either a stylist or a client.

Tips for stylists:

1. Don't forget to whisper, "Invite" so your customer can be seated.
2. Instead of looking through for the item that you're looking for, you can say, "Search ". For example, if I can't find a black bow I can say, "Search bow".
3. DO NOT make your customer's makeover unattractive unless they say so (which would be odd . . .). Try to make everyone look very glamorous.
4. When a customer arrives, begin a conversation such as, "Hi, how are you?", "Welcome ," or, "May I help you?" Be polite to your customers since they will be paying for your work.
5. Do not leave when you have customers waiting. That is very rude. If you left because your battery was low or you accidentally left, that's not an excuse.

Lastly, if you follow these simple tips and did a good makeover, you can receive a high rating (4 out of 4 stars), which would be good since the ratings will be there so customers will be able to know how good your service is.

Tips for clients:

1. Once you're at the Style Studio, look at the ratings for each stylist which represents the stylist's service (which was rated by the customer). The higher the rating the better service.
2. BE PATIENT when waiting for your turn. It takes time to look glamorous, but it will be worth it after seeing the results.
3. DO NOT leave when a stylist is giving you a makeover; that's very disrespectful to the stylist since you wasted time.
4. Make your clams worth it by making sure that you like your makeover and are 100% satisfied with the stylist's work.
5. After your makeover is done, don't forget to say, "Thank you," or, "I love/like my makeover. Thanks!" Manners are very important.

Makeovers Do's and Don'ts:

*Don't cover the eyes with hair

Off to the Style Studio,

Author's Note: I am available on Saturday's to give makeovers. I'm only charging 5 clams. Moreover, I want to congratulate those who have chosen to wear blue for American Diabetes Month, Thank you so much for participating. I also want to give thanks to Giglee who helped me with the first picture in "Don't".


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