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Happy Thanksgiving

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When we think of Thanksgiving we think of, turkey, apple pie, corn, mash potatoes and gravy! We think of all of our relatives coming over, or the family we will be visiting. It's sad we forget, during the preparation of Thanksgiving, of what it really is.

We have to be thankful this holiday because we should remember. There are thousands of homeless and hungry families and kids our age, who are going to be spending their Thanksgiving in a soup kitchen, or on the streets. When we have our meal, we should be very thankful that we have a nice home with lots of good food.

If you think back on the Pilgrims and Indians story, the whole reason they had the great feast, is because they worked together and learned from each other; they were thankful for that.

When we are getting ready for Thanksgiving, we should be thankful your family worked together to make such a great meal! Now you ask, "How can I help?"

There are TONS of ways. Here is a web site I found, where you could donate by yourself, or talk to your school or community about donating. It'll help you find pantries that accept donation of food in your area.

Feeding America

I wanted to make this brief because you may get bored after a while and won't remember what I said. So remember from this article, be thankful! Donate to a food pantry like I did. Someone out there will be REALLY thankful this Thanksgiving!

Happy TG!


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