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Guess the Whyvillians

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Hey Whyvillans! It's VickiDeze the host of your new favorite game show . . . drum roll please . . . "Guess the Whyvillans". That rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Okay so here's how it works: I've chosen 3 Whyvillans that you may know from the Times or the BBS or anywhere else and they have given me 5 facts about themselves and you'll see those facts and YOU have to guess who in the world of Whyville they are! Ready? Good!

Whyvillian #1

My Favorite animal is a cow.
I am a competitive cheerleader.
I am in love with the Beatles.
My favorite foods include Ramen Noodles.
I am really bad at designing.

Any idea who that is?

Whyvillian #2

I like to make fun of my teachers by either what they say or how they act.
I'm big on being loud.
I love food . . . mmm food.
I love it when boys have long hair.
I'm big on going with trends, but I like to look different from everyone else following it.

What about this one?

Whyvillian #3

I'm a common BBS user.
I like to be creative with my avatar.
I have designed many face parts.
I'm male.
I like rainbow sherbet and chocolate and peanut butter ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

So that's it Whyvillans. Here's how you can win. Y-mail me with your guesses (one for each Whyvillian) and if you are the first to get at least one right you'll get a prize. If you get one right and you're the first, you'll get 250 clams. If you're the first with 2 right, you'll get 500 clams and so on. So you just have to be the first to get at least one right to get a prize. You've got to be quick. And 2 runner-ups will also receive a pair of Misery Business eyes (I accidentally bought 2 extra pairs the other day). So be quick, ask around and you could WIN!


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