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Hi guys, it's Hannah again. So I really wanted to do a review on the Magic, Mirth and Mischief collection by M-A-C. But I didn't know for a fact if people really knew what M-A-C was, so I came up with this brilliant idea of telling you guys a little bit about M-A-C, some of my favorite products, and more. I really hope you enjoy this article.

If you've ever heard makeup artists talking about "drugstore" brand makeup and "high end" makeup, you may be like, 'What? Isn't all makeup the same?' Well, yes by product, but by quality there's a difference. Drugstore brands are brands like Covergirl, Neutrogena, Maybelline, E.L.F, anything you can really buy for a reasonable amount. You can buy them at places like Target, Walmart and Walgreens. A reasonable amount is like this, a N.Y.C. (drugstore) eyeliner pencil is only $3.99. While a M-A-C (high end) eyeliner pencil is . . . drum role please . . . $14.50! Look at that difference! That's over an 11 dollar difference. BUT the quality of that $14.50 eyeliner is better than the N.Y.C. one. Now I truthfully don't care about the quality, I get my eyeliners from the drugstore and there's nothing wrong with that! But what I do love from M-A-C, which by the way is a place that I splurge on and I don't get all my products from, is the highly pigmented shadows, creamy blushes and rich lip glosses.

M-A-C has a variety of products, but it also have a larger variety of colors for each product. There are over 136 different shades of eye shadows! So other then my love for the eye shadows, I also like the paint pots. A paint pot is cream eye shadow that dries super quick, and it doesn't cake or crease. I have Rubenesque and Blackground. Rubenesque is a cream color and I like to use it just plain by itself because it's such a pretty color! Blackground is a deep black color that I use as a liner sometimes or even a shadow.

That was the eyes, so what about the lips and face. I don't really use M-A-C face products like concealer and foundation because I have my own that I use that doesn't irritate or break out my skin. BUT the blushes at M-A-C are to die for! I have 3 blushes and they're the only ones I use now. They go on so smooth and they have such a great natural look, it doesn't make my face look cakey or too colored. I love them!

Lastly, this is the M-A-C product that I have the most of, are the lip glosses. M-A-C lip glosses are so nice. They not only make your lips shiny and naturally colored, but they moisturize too. Now a M-A-C lip glass (that's what they're called) is $18.00. Now if you don't agree with this outrageous price, you don't have to buy it, but I save up my money so I can and they are so worth it.

A M-A-C eye shadow in Freshwater for $14.50.

DazzleglassA M-A-C Dazzleglass in Love Alert for $18.00.

Powder BlushA M-A-C Blush in Frankly Scarlet for $18.50

I really hope you enjoyed this review on M-A-C Cosmetics. The website is www.maccosmetics.com. Just consider going on their website and checking their stuff out. Even if the prices are high it is worth it. Oh and sorry that the pictures are so squished, there are better pictures on the site.


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