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Hey Guys! As most of you know, there's a Whyville Style Studio coming out. I know lots of you are excited to see what comes out of it, and so am I! Here are some things you guys can do, and after that is what I think.

For Customers: No more asking random strangers to get on your account, and change your look by Nose Picker! If you want a brand new look, whether you're a Newbie, or an oldbie, you can finally get the new look you need. Just make sure you like the stylist, or make sure it's a friend you'd like to have them do your look. If you wish, you can ask anyone who looks stylish to come up and give them a new look. But yes, you have to pay a fee. But, as a fellow City Worker said, the fee would either range from 5 clams to the Styler's salary (in clams). That wouldn't be too bad!

For Stylers: "Woah, did I hear 'Fee' in that last Paragraph?" Yep, you did! You can earn clams for styling people. If they like the look you gave them, and at a fair price, they might come back to you or even tell their friends about you and what you did! Now who's earning the big ones?! And ANYONE can style. New or not, just make sure to bring your sense of fashion. Again, as I said before, the fee would range from 5 Clams to your salary. Just make sure it's not too expensive, or citizens won't want to do it / come back to you. Be careful!

What I think: This will decrease hacking! You know, the old "Can I give you a makeover? I'll need your password." Well, that won't be so much of a problem. Whyville has made SUCH a great idea, I want to go over to give them a big hug. Genius! Genius! I can't wait until it comes out. I already have so much planned for it. I'm already saving up clams for makeovers!

Other/words from fellow Whyvillians.

kandy334: First off, what's your opinion on the Style Studio?

Poppinx3: It looks neato. It's a good way to give someone a new look without getting hacked or scammed.
kittieme: I think the studio is a great idea that will help Newbies a lot because it can give Newbies an alternative avatar to wear.
momojo1: I think it's gonna be a great way for helping Whyvillians out, and reduce hacking when it comes to "makeovers"

kandy334: Which one would you rather be? Stylist, or customer? Why?

Poppinx3: A customer, because I would like to see what people would make me look like.
kittieme: I would rather be a stylist, because I am super picky when it comes to creating my avatar.
momojo1: I'd actually like to be both at some point. I really love to be creative, and I could incorporate some of the styles made by others. I would also be able to have someone else's look for a day!

kandy334: What do you think other people's opinion would be?

Poppinx3: I think a lot of people will like the idea. I don't see anything that bad in it.
kittieme: I bet most people will want to create, and it might become a problem. I also think avatars are creating your own unique look, and other people won't be able to succeed if people don't like that look.
momojo1: I think it will be good for Newbies, as often as they ask for makeovers, it would reduce hacking.

kandy334: What do you think about the clam situation in this?

Poppinx3: Well, I think the stylists can charge as much as their salary, which is a good idea.
kittieme: I think that it might be hard for some Newbies to afford, and that designers might not get their desired amount of clams if their salary is low.
momojo1: I'm not one hundred percent sure, but my guess would be the designer would name a price, and they wouldn't like it.

The Style Studio is a VERY good idea. Again, I love it as well.

This is kandy334, off to look for something for her itchy foot.

Author's Note: Thanks to the other volunteers who weren't in the interview: Twin44, Lili53, keilah103, and Ice3211.


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