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Guess the Whyvillians: Part 2

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Back by popular demand is "Guess the Whyvillians" *crowd cheers*. Okay, this week we have new Whyvillans and new clues. This week is guaranteed to be a lot harder! Anyways, let's move on to guessing!

First I will announce the answers and winners of last week:

1. Cohenlm
2. Monet1616
3. play2live

Our grand prize winner was 7stars who was the first to have them all correct. The 2 runner-ups were Lowonsoap and Bylana.

Note to Past Winners: If you have not yet received your prize, I promise it will be out ASAP.

Whyvillan 1:

I'm old, I'm in grade 12.
I always have an interesting avatar.
I'm really moody.
I'm female.
I love movies, books and drawing.
I'm going to Japan in the spring because I am Japanese . . . and can speak Japanese.

Whyvillan 2:

I love the color orange.
My favorite show is "Spongebob".
I love Vanilla Coke.
My favorite band is The Fray.
I have a BFF named Mary.

Whyvillan 3:

I have been a BBSer for a little over a year.
Ice cream is my favorite food.
I love Harry Potter, especially Draco Malfoy.
Talking is my hobby.
I am thirteen.

That's all for this week's "Guess the Whyvillians" *crowd cheers*.

I'm your host VickiDeze, saying, "Ciao."

Author's Note: Due to last week's mix up (my mistake) I am lowering the prize to 100 clams per correct guess. And there will be 2 mystery runner-up prizes!


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