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Almost Sisters

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I have a long lost, almost sister. We are related, but not exactly sisters or cousins. We have the same last name, but mine is a different spelling of hers. For example, like for Brown, it could be Browne and pronounced the same way.

We are the only two people who have the last name at our school. I have a top locker and she is bottom locker underneath me. We have one class together.

Ariel is my almost sister's name. Every time we see each other we call out, "Long lost sister!" I don't call her Ariel very often, and she doesn't call me Mary-Anne often either. We call each other long lost sister.

We both have brown hair, about the same height, same skin tone, but different eye colors. We walk together until we have to go to our separate classes. We share our gum with each other, and pencils.

I've only known Ariel for about one and a half years, but I feel like I know her like I know my own sister. We mostly laugh about my smartness and her "dumbness". She sometimes has me help her with her grade-level math homework, while she helps me memorize the World Cavitations vocabulary.

We don't eat lunch together. I eat with my friends, and she eats with hers. We always see each other outside and walk around telling each other we are cold.

If someone had told me that if Ariel had cancer, or was going to die in a few hours I don't know how I'd live. She is my long lost almost sister, my best friend. I love her as a friend, a sister.

I'd just like to say, Ariel, I love you, my long lost sister.


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