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A Wonderful Show

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Thanksgiving was here. I jumped out of bed and raced downstairs. There was so much to do before 3:00. First, I made pies with my mother. We made chocolate cheese, pumpkin, and pecan. It seemed so surreal that it was actually Thanksgiving.

Everyone finally started arriving. This year was a small Thanksgiving. Only 10 people including myself, my parents, and my sister gathered together. We were used to having 25-30 people. It got really boring. I went in the other room to play with my cousin and sister.

Finally, dinner came. Everyone started to fall apart. As we were getting our food, my baby cousin grabbed the green bean casserole, and it tumbled to the floor. Oh well, I didn't even like that anyway. We all made our way to the table, all except for my baby cousin and uncle.

My uncle wanted to watch the game, instead of eat with us. My cousin ran away and occasionally came in shouting "I hate you!" or "I'm not hungry, leave me alone!" We managed without them. Right in the middle of dinner, I randomly burst into tears.

I had suddenly thought of my crush, Andrew, going out with my worst enemy, Miranda. I ran from the table as stressed whispers filled the dining room. I fled all the way up the stairs and into my room. My sister came up to see what was wrong. I yelled that I hated her and I wanted everyone to leave me alone.

I finally came down when it was time to put on a play that my sister, cousin, aunt, and I had made up about the first Thanksgiving. My tears had finally dried. Everyone came to watch. During the course of those 5 minutes, we were a perfect family. We forgot all of our grudges and problems, and just watched and loved each other.

After that everything went back to normal, if not worse. My cousin ripped my earring out of my ear. Now, I can't wear earrings anymore. People cried and left. Dessert got ruined. The play kept my mood upbeat, besides the searing pain in my ear.

I am glad I was the one to bring my family together. Even though it was just for 5 minutes, it meant the world to me.


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