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Covergirl Cosmetics

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Hi guys, so ever since I did the M-A-C review I got a lot of people saying, "I don't have that kind of money," or, "How do you know it's worth the buy?" So I felt the need to do a review on my personal favorite makeup line of all time, Covergirl. I hope you enjoy this review!

Covergirl cosmetics have been around forever! I've been in love with the brand ever since I started watching "America's Next Top Model" and they did the Covergirl photo shoots and commercials. When I was allowed to wear makeup the first products I bought were Covergirl. They have it all! Face, lip and eye products . . . So like the M-A-C review I'm going to point out each of my favorite products from each category and what I like about them, pictures included.

First is foundation. Covergirl is the only brand I get my foundation from. Now I don't use a lot of foundation. I feel that I'm too young to worry about covering my entire face. But I do get zits and blemishes so then I use Simply Powder Foundation. I use it as a cover up. It's light weight and I love it. And it's in a cute little compact so I take it on the go! For blush I use the Cheekers Blush, of course. It gives me a natural glow, but it's not matte so I have shimmer to my face too!

Simply Powder Foundation

Cheekers Blush

Next are the lips. I have so many Covergirl lip glosses. It's crazy! The funny thing is I only have two lip glosses in all. I have Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers and Wetslicks Amazemint, but I have so many different flavors. First let's start with the Amazemint. It guarantees you will have fresh breath from the Crest Peppermint Oil, and maximum shine without it feeling sticky. I was kind of "iffy" about getting it because I hate that tingly feeling on my lips, but this feels cool, like "cool breeze" cool. My favorite flavor would probably be Freedom of Peach. Next is the Fruit Spritzers, my favorite. It glides on so well and the taste -- WOW, it tastes so yummy like fruit! My favorite is Guava Splash, hands down.

Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers

Last are the eyes, and what Covergirl now-a-days is know for is monumental mascaras. LashBlast mascara, Exact mascara, Professional Mascara, Fantastic Mascara -- jeez right? My favorite is LashBlast and then when I heard they had LashBlast with shimmers, I had to buy LashBlast Luxe. I also love Eyelights. They are so good at lengthening and they separate each lash amazingly. The eye shadows are awesome too. I use the Eye Enhancers 4-kit Shadows and you can make any kind of look with it. You can have a neutral look with Country Wood or you can go vibrant and crazy with Tropical Fusion. Or you can even have a mysterious smoky eye with Drama Eyes. The possibilities are endless!

LashBlast Luxe

Eye Enhancers 4-kit Shadow

I hope you enjoyed this review. Bye guys.


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