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Announcing the 3rd Annual Times Awards

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It's the most wonderful time of the year . . . snow is starting to fall, holiday decorations adorn the streets, and the Times celebrates its best articles of the year! That's right, the third annual Times Awards is upon us.

I honestly cannot control my excitement because I feel that this year we had some of the most inspiring, original, and creative articles ever. All of the writers have really worked hard to make the Times amazing, and everyone deserves some recognition. Of course, we can't give everyone an award, so we have again enlisted a panel of judges to nominate the best articles for each category. The panelists were notified last week and will be submitting their nominations this week. The nominees will be announced next Sunday, December 13th.

The categories are:

Article of the Year
Contribution to the Times
Breakthrough Article of the Year
Science Chicago Award
Whyville Award
Interview of the Year
Collaboration of the Year
Help Article of the Year
Comic of the Year
Report of the Year
Entertainment Price
Poetry Prize
Prose Prize

Voting will begin Monday, December 14th, and will end the last week of December. Then, to start 2010 off right, we will hold a fun-filled, exciting and nerve-wracking awards show where we will announce our winners. As in the past, our winners will receive a unique face part.

Happy holidays and good luck to all of our writers,
Times Editor


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