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Learning is the Future

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Learning is the Future

Guest Writer

Haloo all you guys. Well, it's bettyjoe here once again (well, I think... sorry, inside joke). I'm here to talk to you about something that Whyville supports here. Learning. If we were to progress in life without ever learning something... well, I doubt we would ever have any progress.

I know that the idea of WhySchool came out a month or two ago... if you haven't heard of it, read the article. No offense to Sp3shiaL and the originators of the WhySchool, but I don't really like the way it's set up. Sometimes it is harder to do things on the weekend, as your article suggested. But I have some ideas of my own. So now, for help with your schoolwork, you can either go to the Why School or you may try my WhyTutor system.

For example, my grade average is fairly high, and therefore I would be suitable to help with some classes. I can help with algebra, and maths up to the grade 8 level (I'm currently in grade 9, but still learning). I can help people that need help in cooking (questions like "why does my pie turn out runny", if I have the recipe). I will help with English, i.e. poems, grammar, and such.

But this is where I start to need your help. If you would like to give school help in subject areas that you are good at, then Why-mail me, bettyjoe. Every time that you mail me, tell me what particular subject or area in a subject you are willing to help others with. For example, you don't have to teach English, you can teach English poetry.

Now, for those that want to go in the tutor programme, all you have to do is why-mail me the problem you have. If I am able to help you, I will, but I'm not good at everything... that's why I need MORE TUTORS -- please help other people learn. Sometimes it is just better to have someone else helping you through.

We might tell you answers to your problems, but please remember not to give us something the day before a test... you have to submit stuff ahead of time for these reasons:

  • We won't always be on Whyville when you need us to be.
  • You still may be confused after you get your 1st answer.
  • Leaving things 'till last minute results in bad habits.

Well, remember to why-mail me if you wanna be a TUTOR and to why-mail me if you wanna have help. You can start mailing me for help, but when I get more people I will list their specialties in the Times so you can know whom to mail for specific help.


  Editor's Note: This is so exciting to have two groups working to help their fellow citizens with schoolwork and learning! Good luck to both the WhyTutors and the WhySchool!



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