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Mmm . . . Bacon!

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On Sunday December 6th, I went to Junkyard to hang out with some of my fellow Why-Friends. It was a very nice event. We danced, threw projectiles, played with our pets, and laughed our butts off. But, nothing was better than learning about Lov4Music's obsession over bacon.

It all started when I asked her to tell me something to write about for the Whyville Times. She told me, "BACON!!" Then, she proceeded to explain why bacon was important for everyone to know about.

She kept saying how bacon was a very yummy and nutritious item to eat. She also kept saying how "fantabulous" it was and that all of you needed to know some cool facts about it. So, to do my friend a favor, I decided to do some research on bacon just for you!

- More than 2 billion pounds of bacon is created in the U.S. in only one year. (And we're not even the land of bacon!)
- BLT sandwiches (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato) became popular after World War 2.
- British sellers have been quite popular with the world's first bacon chocolate bar.
- Britain's favorite sandwich is the BLT! (look above for explanation of what a BLT is).
- Cured pork is called bacon. The curing of the pork and bacon with salt gives it a distinctive taste.
- Many people have made several inspiring quotes about bacon. Such as James Beard who stated, "I've long said that if I were to be executed and were given a choice of my last meal, it would be bacon and eggs."
- A third of bacon is eaten during breakfast, but has recently been becoming a food choice throughout other meals. - Two-thirds of bacon is sold as unsmoked, also known as 'green bacon'. (I wonder if Sam I Am would like green bacon and eggs??)

So, now we've learned a few things about bacon and I will say I never knew how popular this breakfast food was. But, here's a little contest! Do you like bacon? Are you willing to write a paragraph about bacon to earn a few extra clams? Then, this contest is for you!

Write about anything bacon related. It can be why you like/dislike bacon or it could be about a piece of bacon that comes to life! I really don't care. Then, y-mail it to me, Cohenlm. The best response will win 200 clams and I will try and find them a bacon-related face part. See ya soon, bacon lovers!

Author's Note: This was just for some laughs and all of the information is true facts about bacon. Many of you will say this was pointless, but Whyville's about sharing and having fun so I shared my fun.

Also my sources are: http://www.foodreference.com/html/fbacon.html


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