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Life Needs Love

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Life is stale. Yes, indeed it is, for me at least. It's been like a cracker sitting on a shelf for years. There were a few mice or rats or insects nibbling at it from time to time, and it roused troubles. But all of those things pass, and then the cracker is sitting all alone, rotting away and being - well, stale.

You see, I'm getting tired of life. Like I said above, there are many troubles down the road. Yet we all pass through them some time or another. Sometimes we dwell on the past, or worry about the future. But you shouldn't. Just sit there and live.

I don't see much of a point, just living the life that we have. We savor it and we fear death. We do stupid things and we are so dumb. No matter how much you think you know, there will be just too many things to discover. Some would call it exciting. Yet, it still becomes stale one time or another. You're stressed for a month. You're pounding on the keyboard, scratching the paper with your pencil, cranking the car on. But then that month passes, and life is boring. It's so stale. You'll always have something to do, but it's not exciting. You have already experienced all of this.

And it's stale. You feel dull and bored. Not even bored -- just emotionless. No fears, no stressing subjects, nothing to look forward to.

But life now doesn't seem too stale anymore. Not when you've discovered love. Love's like a hurricane, you are a tree, bending under the weight of his love and mercy.

Suddenly, life is a new cracker, overflowing with delicious sensations. It's salted. The wounds from past and future are healed. Doesn't it feel so good?

Now life is a sandwich, with varieties of all sorts. Not even a cracker. It doesn't seem so small and dull! But you need love. No, not the kind of love like a crush or a boy/girlfriend or a husband/wife! The kind of caring love, the one that created you.

The indescribable, sensational, amazing, spectacular . . .



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