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Service Report

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Service Report

Service Organizer

Dear Whyville,

This is POUTINE with the Whyville Service Club update. As you probably know, I run the new Whyville Service Club. Things have been going smoothly. First I would like to dicuss the questions I have been getting.

The number one question is: "How do I join?" All you have to do is why-mail me or my helper person Nautiegal some reasons and what section you would like to be in.

The second most asked question is: "When you patrol do we get banished?" Well, this is the answer: "First when we catch you, we put you on a little record. Then if you continue, we warn City Hall about you -- that does not mean a 911 report, but if you keep on continuing, we will tell City Hall that a punishment should be done."

Another common question is: "Where is the building for this?" Well, we aren't an official Whyville thing, so we work out of my Myville house. Room 1 will be the headquarters, and all the classes, etc. will take place at my house.

Another question is: "How do I sign up for the newbie classes, etc.?" Just why-mail me or Nautiegal. In the letter you should say what class you want to sign up for, etc.

I've also been asked, "How do I ask you question?" Again, just why-mail me or Nautiegal.

Then there's: "In the section Community Service, what is done?" The answer for that is, citizens make up skits and activities -- there is a baby sitting service run by my assistant Nautiegal, there is a hang-out and meet friends thing and lots more. If you have any questions about that, why-mail me or Nautiegal.

Another question is, "Is there any other stuff being planned by the Whyville Service Club?" The answer is yes, we are even going to try to make a homework help center!

Here are some other things I would like to point out. The Whyville Service Club needs more than just patrol officers. We need designers for uniforms and many other things. Anyone that would like to plan additional stuff for the Whyville Service Club is welcome to why-mail me or Nautiegal about it. We need many more volunteers.

Also, every once in a while I will be making a Whyville service club update like this one. I will be starting a POUTINE'S Library where I read a few books each month and review them in the paper, so if you have suggestions for books send them to me or Nautiegal. We will also be having a reporting service, so if you want to be a Whyville Service Club reporter mail me.

Now I would like to thank my first volunteers for the Whyville Service Club: Kikue is a teacher for newbies; Halostar is a Patrol Officer; Bettyjoe is a Patrol Officer ; What11 is a Patrol Officer and emergency Army Private; Cotaeo is an Army Private and a Patrol Officer; Nautiegal is my assistant and does a lot of stuff for the service club including Patrol and is in charge of Emotional Help; and then there's me, well, I do everything, LoL.

I will have more updates like this in the future. POUTINE signing off.



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