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You'll Get Over It!!!

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You'll Get Over It!!!

Guest Writer

Okay. Here's the story. I was just minding my own business, and scrounging for more clams of course, when I found a plethora (I personally think that's a dumb word, but it sounds professional) of articles on why-pox. People all around Whyville were evidently coming down with this terrible plague. I hadn't heard of it before, so I read the articles. They talked about how terrible it was to have those horrible spots on their faces, and how awful it was to not be able to talk without sneezing once in a while.

Well, I've got news for you. YOU'LL GET OVER IT!!! Soon after I learned all about the "virus", I caught the little bug. I got over it in just a few days!!!!! Other cases may be longer, but probably not much!!!

When I sneezed, I could still talk. It's just like in real life when you sneeze and are momentarily speechless. The spots aren't that bad either. Some people complain of having been called pimple head and wart face, but now everyone should be educated enough to know that the spots are Why-Pox, and not some pimples you got at Akbar's!!!

So, here's the gist: YOU WILL GET OVER WHY-POX. If you have caught it, just stay calm, wait a day or so, and it'll be gone!!! I promise, this epidemic will soon be a forgotten virus and be tossed into the old garbage bin with chicken pox and measles.

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