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Why-Passes for Cash?

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Why-Passes for Cash?

Guest Writer

Hey. You'll never guess where I am. Okay, maybe you can -- I'm in the Waiting Room. And I just thought of this idea by reading an article in the Times! Oh, yeah, and Happy Birthday Whyville!!

City Hall is a great place and a great thing for Whyville to have! I mean, they help us! My point is... Why-Passes! I myself am thinking of getting one and yes my dad did say okay! But only if I pay for it.

Many of you probably have this problem -- how can we use our own money when Whyville wants our Visa numbers?? I certainly don't have a credit card! But I had an idea: we can SEND the money! Not e-mail, not anything but normal MAIL! (Example: Put money in envelope, write the address on it, stick a stamp on, and send it!)

You see, I and many of my Whyville friends are Canadian and it's hard to figure out how much it'll cost, but right now, for 3 months it'll be \$14.00 CN. With the "sale". And for a month that averages around \$4.00 CN! This sale is available for a month and you can take advantage of it by buying 3 months worth! Or more! I am hoping Whyville's own City Hall takes this idea into action and helps us with our "Visa" problem

-Whyville's own Peppylove!


Note from City Hall: Hi Peppylove! I'm glad you like the Whyville Birthday Sale, and I hope you get a lot out of it. Did you know that you can always buy a Why-Pass through the mail? If that's what you want to do, we encourage you to *not* send cash, though -- cash can get lost or stolen in the mail. Now, if you go to the post office, you can buy what's called a money order, which is like a one-time check for you. If that gets lost, you'll have a receipt to get your money back from the post office. Money orders cost a little bit to buy, but it's a safer plan for your Why-Pass purchase.

Hope that helps, and thanks for the birthday wishes!

City Hall



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