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Hey everyone!

I'm kc12. Before black history moth comes to an end, I would just like to say a few things. First up, I would like to say thanks to all the people on Whyville. I have never felt left out or that I couldn't do things because of the colour of my skin. It's great to know that even though racism still exists in our world, it doesn't exist here. We are all Whyvillians and that's all that matters!

Just remember to respect each and every person not by the way they look or what they wear, but on their inside qualities. Everyone matters and deserves a chance.



Guest Writer

Wayne Gretzky described the Team Canada win as, "We got two gold medals out of it". The Olympics are the height of most athletes' dreams. From skating on ponds in early mornings, to weeks and weeks of practice. All kids in sports grow up hoping to top the top and win a gold medal.

When I saw Jeremy Weatherspoon fall in his race, it got me thinking. He has waited his whole life for that chance, just to see it fall apart in front of his eyes. It makes you think of the times you said WHY ME?

So as the Olympics come to a close, I look at the ups and downs of the "Olympic Experience." This might seem a little weird but I think the Olympics should come to Whyville. There could be events such as figure skating and skeleton with taping buttons like space bar to run and then using the arrows to steer. This may never happen in Whyville but I would like City Hall look into this idea and see whether it'd be popularity or not.

Keep Your Stick On The Ice,


Guest Writer

Bokbok here, writing my first Times article. I have one problem with SwtChick & Spinkle1's article because Whyville isn't just about science, it's about math, English, many other different languages or maybe even typing if you're just learning like some people; but then again some of the greatest mathematicians like Albert Einstein were good at both science and mathematics and if you read the Whyville Times' articles, you will learn like I did now! I am doing better in school (I'm in the ACTAL program) and as they say, you learn everywhere, everyday, everything and from anyone!

Thanx for your time.


Times Writer

Okay, this is something I noticed while reading the Double Birthday issue of the Times.

Whyville's birthday is the 4th day of March, which is the 3rd month of this year, which is '02. And finally, Whyville is #1!

Get it? 4, 3, 2, 1. Hehe. That's really cool, and really lame. Man, am I hungry. I think that's all I have to write, so this is Giggler01 saying good bye, and leaving you to wonder at how crazy I am.


Guest Writer

Happy Birthday Whyville! Wow. Three years, that's amazing. Just look at what we've been through in the past few years. There was the Blackout, all of the great face-part makers, fad's, marriages, fights, newbies and oldbies, popular people come and go, hackers (not the best part), and so much more!!! I haven't even been on Whyville for a whole year, but I know about all this stuff because I read stuff. LoL.

Look at all of the parties Whyville has thrown for us! And all of the new areas, clams, games, newspaper stuff. They made Whyville feel like us, only older. Sure, it teaches us science, but I think it also teaches us about real life. The chatting and the warning and the bans and things like that, that teaches us about jail and consequences. And the new big thing everyone must know is the CDC! And Why-Pox. As I'm writing this, I still haven't caught the Why-Pox and I'm grateful.

Well Whyville, City Hall, lets have another GREAT year, and many more to come! Here we go...


Zoey100 :_:



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