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How to Keep a Friend

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If there's one thing I know, it's how to keep a friend. I see people lose friends, people walk in and out of their lives all the time. It makes me sad to know someone could be best friends with someone his/her whole life, and a few wrong mistakes can ruin it all. Here's how to keep a good friend.

Stay In Touch

If your friend is far away from where you live, perhaps they moved away, you should stay in touch. There are no excuses. With all the technology today: text messages, video chatting, emails, and telephones, there are tons of way to stay close to that special friend.


Try not to go on and on about your own problems. LISTEN to what your friend has to say. Communicate. Give advice. Your friend will see care and show appreciation towards you if you do. If your friend carries on with their problems, try to share some of your own problems and let them know.

Hang Out

Spend time together. Even if your friend moved away, set a date to hang out. Make plans, go out to the nearby mall or restaurants. If your friend is away from home, buy each other gifts! Not expensive gifts, just something to show you care. Don't blow your friend off. Stick to your plan.

Stay True

Stay a true friend. Don't ditch your good friend one day for someone else. Stick with him/her. If you would like to expand your circle of friends, invite your friend to meet another friend. This is what I see most -- people running off to someone better.

Keep Quiet!

Don't talk about your friend with someone else. If you're a good friend, you'll know not to bad mouth him/her. If you do, you're in a very high risk of losing your friend. What goes around comes around.

I hope you learned a little more from me!

Author's Note: Thank you to Watermel8 for helping me out and showing me tips on how to write for the Times. She is a true friend!


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