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Black History Month

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Black History Month

Guest Writer

Heylo! Black History Month is over. Bummer, right? Well, I don't think black history should just be a month. We should all try to remember not to be prejudiced, year-round.

In the middle of February, I started a new company, Made4me Co. This company was made for all kinds of ethnicities, not just black. Have you ever seen Asian eyes in Akbar's? NO! Magick, one of my business partners in this company, created some. Immediately, we started getting encouraging y-mails. Check these out:

    "I am so grateful for your new company! I bought the new Asian eyes, and I love them. It's so hard to look like yourself on Whyville when you are not blonde, blue-eyed in real life." -3shamrock

    "Thanks for making such cool parts for blacks. Though I'm not black in real life, I am black in Whyville. Your company has given me a variety of cool clothes, and I simply adore those new black ears. Thanks so much."-Misspop1

These why-mails really keep us going. Thanks for writing to us!

Now, let me tell you a story! I decided to be black for a day, about a week back. Immediately, the comments started coming. Only a few were good, the rest were bigoted and terrible! A few people even warned me! I can't believe what some of the blacks in Whyville go through.

One thing I realized was, instead of rudely commenting right back to these people, we must educate them. Throwing harsh words at them won't help, it will just make the problem worse. This is true in any situation.

Well, I guess I better start my homework. I have a huge Algebra test tomorrow. Later!




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